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Shane Massey revelations

It's shocking - but true.

Today is State Senator Shane Massey's Birthday and the Blogland wishes him a most Happy Birthday - and a great weekend too!

If you know him, be sure to do the same today.

About the Dorchester County Treasurer ...

Word has it that she can actually count.

Counting is an important skill when you're the Treasurer of Dorchester County. Usually Mary Pearson, the county's treasurer, does a great job of this.

Except when she tells you her age. She always seems to get that number wrong.

Maybe she's 40, maybe she's 50. In any event, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to Hugh Weathers

The Blogland wishes Hugh Weathers, our state's Commissioner of Agriculture, a happy birthday, however old he might be.

Todd Kincannon has a birthday?

Yes, really. He does, and we've been told he's turning 39 today. 

We hope he'll go out and celebrate the occasion, but knowing him, he'll just get on Twitter and set off one of his infamous Twitter wars with some celebrity, over Trayvon Martin or someone else dumb enough to take the bait.

Whatever he does, we hope it's fun.

Please join the Blogland in wishing one of the state's few Republican attorneys a Happy Birthday!

Senator Davis appears stunned at news

It's his birthday.

Attention Senator Tom Davis - it's your birthday, so go have some fun today - and take the weekend off and enjoy it!

Gary Simrill: It's his bithday

We heard a rumor and checked into it - and then we found out that it really was Gary Simrill's birthday. We were told he was turning 37 today, but we're not sure if that part is true.

For those of you who don't know York County's senior House member, who is in his 21st year of service in the Rock Hill-based District 46 seat, reaching out to wish him a Happy Birthday could be a good way to start.

Not bad for a guy who was first elected in his twenties.

Happy Birthday Gary!

Happy Birthday to Susan Aiken

Susan Aiken is one of the best-known Republican politicos in Anderson County and is pretty well-known across South Carolina as well.

There's a lot to like about her. Friendly, hard-working and smart - she's a great person to have on anyone's team who wants to win.

Susan's also a regular Blogland reader who we appreciate.

Please join the Blogland in wishing Susan a very Happy Birthday!

Murrell Smith is how old?

You should find him and ask him that question, since today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Murrell!

Rep. Shannon Erickson turns 39 today

Ok, regardless of what she tells you or what her driver's license might say, at least the Beaufort County legislator ACTS like she's 39.

Which isn't a bad thing.

Be sure to wish one of the Blogland's favorite legislators a Happy Birthday - and tell her to take tomorrow off (as if anyone doesn't want to take Mondays off).

Becky Delleney: Is it true?

Yes, it's true. We checked it out and confirmed it.

Today is her birthday. If you know her (and you should), be sure to reach out and wish her a Happy Birthday.

While her husband Greg is a well-recognized politico, as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Becky is well-known for being here, there and everywhere on the South Carolina political landscape as the most visible Republican from Chester County.

She's also a lot of fun to hang out with.

Happy Birthday Becky - be sure to have a great day and an even better weekend!

Rob Alt: Today's birthday boy

Rob's in the middle!
It may be Monday, which isn't a good day for most people, but today, it's Rob Alt's birthday.

Alt has become well-known in Clarendon County as the owner of The Palms at Wyboo, a restaurant located in lower Clarendon County, near Lake Marion. It's a great place to get dinner and hang out for a few beers.

It's also one of the best-known gathering spots for Republican politicos in the region, hosting numerous events, including for the infamous Four Horsemen.

Rob's rebuilding the restaurant after a fire took place last year and we're certainly looking forward to seeing what he's done with the place.

In the meantime, we hope our readers will join us in wishing Rob a big "Thank You" for his efforts and a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Allen Olson

He may be a cheesehead to some, but in the Blogland, Allen Olson is today's birthday boy!

Be sure to join the Blogland in wishing Allen a Happy Birthday!

Larry Grooms: Always a winner

The Birthday Boy at my 40th Birthday Bash.
Moye Graham's on his right and
Larry Kobrovsky's on his left.
The Blogland wants to wish Berkeley County's State Senator Larry Grooms a Happy Birthday.

Working on his 1997 and 2000 Senate races were some of the most memorable campaign experiences and both were long-shots which produced late-night victories. The first race turned a heavily-Democratic seat into Republican hands and the second race was the contest which gave Republicans control of the State Senate.

I've always believed that many never appreciated just how costly, grueling and emotionally draining the 2000 re-election contest was or how much his family endured to help make history that year.

Maybe he didn't win the First District Congressional primary last night, but there's no mistaking that Larry gave it his all, as he always does, and no matter what, kept smiling and kept working until the last vote was cast. That's just what he does.

No matter what the bean counters tell you, Larry Grooms is always a winner.

Happy Birthday Tommy Grimes

The Blogland wishes a Happy Twenty-First Birthday to Seventh District Congressional District GOP Vice-Chairman Tommy Grimes. In addition to being one of the notorious "Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse", an allegedly-shadowy political ring in state politics, he's a veteran of Pee Dee politics, having served in county and district level party offices for over two decades.

A guy like this deserves some recognition. And since his birthday is on a weekend, it seems like a good time to have a party.

If you know him - and even if you don't - take a few minutes to wish him a Happy Birthday today.

Adam Piper: Getting older today

We want to wish Adam Piper a very Happy Birthday today and hope you'll reach out to him today as well.

Adam came to South Carolina for college and never left,  racking up some pretty impressive accomplishments as a campaign operative, including playing key roles in the 2010 GOP primary upset win by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and the primary and general election victories of Attorney General Alan Wilson that year.

In reflecting upon his life in the Palmetto State, he shared some insightful observations:

I have also grown and matured to a view point that there is more to Carolina than beer, bourbon, and belles, and there is far more than all beautiful faces and smiling places. The fact of the matter is it's home and it's a place where I grew into my adulthood, and made countless memories and friendships, I'll never forget.

Hey Adam, just promise us you won't grow up too much?

Alex Stroman: A good day for cool glasses

Check out the 80s-esque sunglasses - and be sure to wish Alex Stroman a Happy Birthday today while you're at it.

Can you trust Kevin Bryant?

He may try to tell you he's turning 29 today. If he does that, don't believe him.

But do wish Kevin Bryant, a State Senator and pharmacist from Anderson who is also one of the state's first legislators to hit the blogosphere, a Happy Birthday today, however old he may be.

Today's Birthday Triple: Graham, Lisella and Martin

Sometimes, good things come in threes and there aren't many occasions better suited for good things and great times than New Years' Eve. In that spirit, the Blogland wants to wish a very Happy Birthday and an early Happy New Year's to three well-known and accomplished South Carolina politicos who are celebrating their birthdays today:

Moye Graham, the Chair of the Clarendon County Republican Party, a well-traveled international man of mystery and one of the legendary Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse. He's on a roll these days, having attended his second national convention as a delegate, this time carrying the votes of 87% of the Sixth District convention delegates.

Mark Lisella, a Lowcountry native who has become a well-known national Republican political strategist and direct mail guru. He's been on a long winning streak in recent election cycles, especially in North Carolina races, and is resting up after a tough election year.

Shane Martin, a Spartanburg County State Senator and automotive R&D engineering consultant who is gearing up for election to a second term in the Senate. His first race was a stunning landslide upset of the incumbent Senator by roughly two-to-one in the 2008 GOP run-off. He'll be kicking off his second term in the Senate and we look forward to working with him..

You shouldn't believe everything you hear about Alan Clemmons

You hear a lot of big talk and hot air in Columbia.  The Blogland has to sort through it all the time, as part of our ongoing missing to try to get to the truth of the matters to help inform and influence our readers.

It would be easier to just buy them off, but we didn't have the budget for that, and a lot of them are too honest anyway.

As part of our ongoing fact-checking mission, we're going to discuss some things we've heard that Alan Clemmons may try to tell you today:
  • When he tells you he's just 37, he's probably handing you a line.
  • When he tells you today's his birthday, he's telling you the truth.
So be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to June Brailsford

June Brailsford is a big fan of the Blogland and a long-time GOP leader in Clarendon County. She is the current Treasurer of the Clarendon County Republican Party and always a smiling face when yours truly is in town.

It's also important to note that her son is responsible for feeding the one addiction of yours truly, as the owner of my favorite BBQ place - D&H BBQ in Manning.

Today, we have it on good authority that June turned 39 again and we wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday today. Please join us in extending best birthday wishes to June.