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March 2007, the month in review

Another busy month at the blogland, thanks in part to your taking the time to tune in, read, and share the occasional thought or two. I appreciate those of you who tune in to read, but I especially appreciate those of you who comment, even when I don't agree.

Especially flattering this month was getting my profile featured in the National Journal, and having the Beaufort Gazette and The State run with my lead in the Beaufort State Senate race. I appreciate the NJ and Ian Leslie from the Beaufort Gazette taking the time to tune in.

There was plenty of agreein' this month, and a lot of dis-agreein' too, mostly over political discussions - unlike last month, where ya'll got turned on by all sorts of subject. Here's the postings that got ya'll talking in March:

3/2: What do straw polls prove?
3/5: Me in the National Journal
3/6: Rudy's "Party of Freedom"
3/8: Time for some office fun
Expect to see a little less of me this month, as I push my next to last semester of grad school courses to the finish line ... seven classes down, two more (and a thesis) to go!

Thanks for tuning in, and keep on coming back!

February 2007, the month in review

Ok, time to take a look back at what turned ya'll on - or pissed ya'll off - here in the Blogland during the month of February. In the month of love, the topics covered quite a bit of ground, from love to hate, with heartbreakers, neo-nazis, highway construction projects, First Aid training and even my birthday.

Here are the postings which got you, my readers, talking this month:

Getting ready for Valentine's Day?
Happy Birthday to me
U.S. 321 highway widening event recap
2/9: Neo-nazis attack S.C. blogger
The McCarty-Wilson debate: Racism in our society and political culture
2/14: Mike Campbell endorses ... ah, who really cares?
2/15: Ron Wilson to face racism allegations

Thanks for staying tuned in to what's going on in the Blogland and for sharing your thoughts. Be sure to keep coming back for more good chatter - it's only as good as you make it!

Blogosphere in Review: October 8-15

Ok, time for Monday's round up of what's gone on in the SC blogosphere over the last week ...

Faith in the Sound and the Laurin Line both noted the passing of long-time GOP confidant Rick Davis, who passed unexpectedly at the young age of forty-five.

Say a prayer for Rick’s family, folks. This is going to be a tough time for them. It’s tough to lose a father and a husband, but when there are children at home, even tougher.

Painter in Hiding talks about the stupid things people do.

Nettie is taking a break – enjoy the time off, and we hope you come back soon!

The Body Politic is taking part in a straw poll of potential 2008 GOP Presidential candidates. Go cast your vote.

Over at Cavaliers and Roundheads, Darth Vader faces imminent doom.

S.C. Solon continues to ride a wave of publicity over their discussion of online commentaries by Democratic state Comptroller candidate Drew Theodore. They’ve done a really good job making bloggers a credible source of media information.

Brian McCarty, over that Voting under the Influence,
attempts to set the Drew Theodore straight about his misdirected attack upon Will Folks regarding questions McCarty raised about Nick Theodore, Drew's father, using state vehicles and staff for personal trips while he was Lt. Governor in the late 80s and early 90s:

One line from Mr. Theodore stood out to me. He blasted Mr. Eckstrom for hiring someone convicted of domestic violence to attack Mr. Theodore’s family and his “seventy eight year old father.” Well, I don’t know what Mr. Folks, who I assume Mr. Theodore was talking about, has done. I know that I, on this blog, pointed out the hypocrisy of the Theodore campaign.

But, let me be clear. I am on no political payroll. Indeed, I have been on the outside looking in for quite some time now. But, I do think it is hypocritical for Drew Theodore to criticize someone for using a state car when his own father had bodyguards and drivers at state expense, and took those people out of state with him for a purely partisan political event.

For daring to challenge Theodore, Brian has caught quite a bit of flak, including some very bitter personal cheap shots from the usual (anonymous) suspects.

To be nice, Faith in the Sound turns its aim away from Drew Theodore, who complained about being picked on by bloggers, and takes aim at State Treasurer Grady Patterson:

If you haven't yet seen the video of Treasurer Grady Patterson's editorial board interview with The State newspaper, click here.

You may never see anything quite like it again.

"He makes up stuff," Patterson says of GOP nominee Thomas Ravenel, but then fails to offer any examples.

"I don't have a list of it or anything," Patterson says.

Then to By the Sea (which has a really cool look to it!), we get to find out about thirteen things that are in her car (twelve now … since I saw something I liked, I took it!).

Bad news: Erin Dailey is going to hell. … and Kelly hasn’t laughed in a week. These can’t be positive developments.

Jared woke up at 7:49 a.m., and made it to class by 8 – in downtown Charleston, no less. Talk about a small miracle.

Everyone - have a great Monday and make it a great week out there!

Blogosphere in Review: October 1-9

Ok, Monday is here. As is a new tradition, I'm going to take a break from running my mouth and take ya'll on a spin around the South Carolina blogosphere over the last week ...

According to Andy Paras, Groucho Marx is coming to Walterboro this week.

Max is still on his self-appointed hiatus.

The guys over at S.C. Solon make the news in print media with their discussion of Drew Theodore’s dissing of Columbia – congrats guys!

… and Will Folks, who got called a thug by the state Democratic chair, is pissed that Drew Theodore is putting the squeeze on the ladies.

Brian McCarty over at Voting under the Influence
thinks House Speaker Hastert needs to go (and I agree) … and that Nancy Pelosi should join him (I agree, too):

My gut feeling tells me that the Republicans covered up the actions of Foley against teen boys to keep a seat and the Democrats did the same until the past few days to gain one. It is my belief that pure politics, on both sides of the aisle, came before protecting the young people who act as pages in the United States Congress.

If you doubt this, watch the carefully orchestrated press releases coming out of Pelosi's office and other Democratic campaign arms. They were prepared for this situation. That means, they knew in advance, too.
Laurin Manning talks about Ralph Norman and that immigration issue.

Mike Reino might be pulling for the Yankees, but I’m not too sure.

Janet Lee confesses that she sometimes buys cat toys for herself … and has pics of her cats dressed for Halloween.

As a followup to my discussion of non-Protestants in the GOP, Cyndi Mosteller’s shameless act of attacking Mormonsism, Crack the Bell brings us an example of an Upstate fundamentalist in the GOP taking a potshot at us Catholics, blaming the whole Foley thing on Catholicism and booze.

Chuck laments the changes in how Halloween is being observed:

Hallowe'en was a neighborhood thing then not the car-pooling transporting around movement it has become. Now we see an invasion of strange cars and SUVs dropping children off in new areas as they go from door-to-door of people they don't know and hold open their Trick or Treat sack or pillowcases to accept candy, gum, fruit(?) and sometimes pennies.

My bank puts up posters and "gets in the mood" each year which looks strange when someone visits the customer service rep for some investment or banking advice.

… ok, that’s what ya’ll missed (or maybe you didn’t) … in any event, get out there and make it a GREAT week!

The Blogosphere in Review: Sept. 24-30

Last week was a very active week in the S.C. blogosphere. Lots of interesting news floating out there … and here’s a look at the juiciest cuts of meat thrown to the masses of ravenous readers:

Jaz brings us pictures from Charleston Blognic 2006, which I missed, due to study and yardwork obligations - which I'll discuss soon!

Will Folks with Faith in the Sound, who finally found a job (does that mean he'll finally pay his bar tab?),
brought us this picture of State Treasurer Grady Patterson sound asleep in what was reported to be a state Budget and Control Board meeting. OUCH!!!

Laurin Manning, who recently ran into John Lovitz in Columbia, digs out the past connections between Cyndi Mosteller and the 2000 Presidential campaing of John McCain, to suggest possible motives behind her recent attack on GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Mike Reino, who escaped captivity this week. questions the high crime statistics for the Florence region.

Sunny Phillips breaks the news (and our hearts) with news that she will be cutting back on the blogging for a while due to campaign obligations. Sunny, say it ain’t so!

On the Left, Max does the same thing, to campaign for Robert Barber.

Devinely Southern discusses the Richard Eckstrom travel thing, correctly pointing out what us communication academics and professionals have long known:

Unless a politician is shown pulling someone out of a burning car, they don’t really won’t to be the lead story in the their state’s largest newspaper. For the genuine flak out there, they may say any press is good press, but that’s assuming they are able to spin it in their guy’s or gal’s best interest before most folks have an opportunity to decide for themselves what it all means.

Mike Reese talks about the two opposing polls in the Bauer-Barber race. Personally, I think that there is no way a former state representative who has been out of politics for over a decade and has yet to run the first television spot can be anywhere near 40%, no matter how popular or unpopular the incumbent may be.

To bring us back down to Earth a bit, Caitlyn shares some wisdom from the Book of James:
Where jealousy and selfish ambition exist,there is disorder and every foul practice.
But the wisdom from above is first of all pure,then peaceable, gentle, compliant,
full of mercy and good fruits,without inconstancy or insincerity.
That’s last week in review – let’s look forward and make it a great week out there!

Turtles, Hard Shells, and the weekend

While on the way to a job site in Bamberg Friday morning, I took this picture Friday morning of a rather lucky turtle.

The sucker that I am, when I saw this guy trying to cross the highway, I turned around and carried him the rest of the way across the road. Once released on the other side, he quickly scurried into the ditch. I hope he got where he was going.

... and I'm betting this shoots my callous, arrogant jerk image all to heck. Except with the more moderate Nazis.

Speaking of good occasions to have a hard protective shell and the ability to hide in it, my friend, Columbia attorney Brian McCarty, makes some valid points about stepped-up security at a Midlands football game in the wake of threatened gang activity on his blog, Voting Under the Influence:

But, there is something going amiss in these great pastimes. The gangstas are among us. The local jamborees, (football exhibitions in which several high schools play one another for a quarter or half, for you high school football neophytes out there), in Richland and Lexington county were fitted with metal detectors and heavy security. The reason was that the Richland County Sheriff's department had broken up a Crips gang meeting this week in which disrupting the jamborees with violence was allegedly planned.

I hope everyone gets where they’re going this week. Be sure to travel and cross those highways safely, and remember that the middle of the road isn’t always a safe place to be, no matter how hard your shell might be.

Congrats to SCHotline

It's no secret that "new" media, such as the web and blogs, are often dismissed by traditional media as not credible. Those same types who then turn around and get their news leads from these sites, without the respect of attribution.

Monday's edition of the Anderson Independent Mail gives a little bit of long-overdue credit to Mike Green and SCHotline:

Web site offers 'insider politics'
August 14, 2006

Political watchers can find out from several different sources what is going on in South Carolina politics at

Headlines from newspapers across the state offer a snapshot of the political news for the day in the state. And press releases from different organizations and politicians offer information and opinion for the politically curious.

Guest editorials and commentary from "the politically-inclined and politically empowered" also appear on the site.

The site has links to Web sites for South Carolina government organizations, including the state ethics commission, the General Assembly and the state’s Black Caucus.

Other links will take visitors to the Web sites for all 46 counties in the state.

Visitors also can access several state college, weekly and daily newspapers and television stations.

Political advertisements are located on the top and bottom of the site’s home page, and a Google search button is in the middle of the page.

Anyone interested in politics can get news, read opinions and hear from legislators each day on the hot topics affecting state residents at

Kudos to Samantha Epps with the Independent-Mail for "getting it", and congrats to Mike Green! Be sure to let Ms. Epps know you appreciate her willingness to recognize the validity of new media outlets as sources for news and related information.

Behind the Blog: Bloggers speak out

Just who is the real person behind this blog? While blog visitors have read an odd, eclectic, and sometimes confusing collection of postings, many are still left wondering "who the hell is this flake?".

That's a really good question.

According to reports, Earl survived some very challenging times in his life. “I’m so glad that Earl’s blog has actually survived a full year, " said Joshua Gross of The Body Politic, who left behind years of partying, surfing, and chasing attractive blondes in Hollywood when he moved to South Carolina. "He’s come through his dark times... especially the obsessive compulsive binge drinking that led to the downfall of the ‘Icons of Rock - Melkite Metal World Tour’ a couple of years back.”

Not much is known about his early years, but rumors abound about his roots. “I heard that Earl Capps is a closet Duran Duran and Wham fan,” said Brian McCarty, Columbia attorney and author of the blog Voting under the Influence.

Mike Reino, author of the SC6 blog, offers this insight into what is allegedly his background:

He led a rough and tumble life, from the dead end streets of South Carolina, often eating bologna on hand sandwiches 3 times a day. But destiny had Earl in mind, when a chance meeting with Lee Atwater at a Cinderella concert gave Earl the big break he needed in politics.

But eventually, the ride would come to an end. Women, inflated egos, and a raging addiction to Heroin left him insane and destitute.

Presently the author is twice-divorced and lives in Summerville, where he works by day, doing corporate communication, research, and special projects for a major construction general contractor. He is also working on his Master's Degree in Communication, as well as lecturing undergraduate courses in Political Communication and Communication Ethics.

"Being a grad school student, I started the blog as a way to make myself write, think more, and have a creative outlet to share my academic work with a wider audience," Earl said. "But in the end, I just got more confused and lost my way." The author of the Faith in the Sound blog shared his view, recommending the Blogland as "must-read material for anyone looking to become an even bigger idiot than they already are."

Some have voiced concern over Earl’s professed relapse into 80s pop culture, as evidenced by his taste in music, addiction to the 80s television program Miami Vice, and his ever-so-cool checkerboard shoes. However, he does have his defenders, including Wag the Blog: “What's wrong with 80s obsessive tendencies?"

However, there is great concern for his recklessness. McCarty offered one last bit of advice: “Take it easy on Jakie, those folks from Red Bank will hunt your ass down.”

Behind the Blog: The FBI's most unwanted?

Some of you who've visited my blog and seen my quote have probably wondered about it's origins:

"There's nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted"

For those of you who've wondered where I got that from ... these were the famous first words of fellow-geek Fox Mulder on the first episode of the X-Files series.

Yes, I was an X-Files fan - are any of ya'll surprised to hear that?

As I've gotten older, I've come to realize that among the many things I am at heart, one of them is a scholarly book-worm loaded with obscure information, and intent on seeking irrelevant truths. Also, I don't always do a good job of relating to people on a personal level and have become increasingly-reclusive. Just like Fox Mulder.

But I never had a sister kidnapped by aliens. Until four years ago, I didn't even have a sister.

Yes, I have a four-year-old sister named Kelly ... who is younger than all of her nieces. Ain't that something?

Behind the Blog: Beers of the Blogland

Today, we bring you the first installment of "Behind the Blog", in which you are taken on exclusive, no-holds-barred looks behind the scenes of the Blogland of Earl Capps.

These days, we hear a lot about the need to consider alternative fuels, including grain alcohol. Always wanting to be on the cutting edge, this blog is doing its part to contribute to this effort.

That’s why BEER is an important part of fueling the creative energies behind this blog.

Modest, but reasonable and responsible, consumption of this vital energy source is an important source of energy for the operation of this blog. Specifically Corona, Bud Ice, Miller Genuine Draft and Killian’s Red.

When married, I drank very little. When I became single again, especially right after graduating with my B.A. degree in 2004, where my evenings became free again, I drank quite a lot.

When I thought I might be getting married to someone with ceiliac (they can’t consume anything with wheat products), I pretty much cleaned out my stock of beer, and even tried to get rid of bread so as to be supportive.

For those and other efforts I made, in the end, I got the treatment many twice-divorced single parents get a lot of in the dating world - kicked to the curb as “damaged goods”.

That’s when I rediscovered beer. Believe me, it sure made the reality of being damaged goods feel a lot better.

So beer is back, and beer is good. Beer helps make this blog possible, and it’s a far better fuel source for human consumption than gasoline (not to mention far less flammable). I recommend it highly, and for that matter, so does Homer Simpson.

Would Homer Simpson lie? Of course not – it’s not like he’s running for office. Only politicians lie, so Homer has to be telling the truth. Even if you can’t believe me, you can believe Homer.

So now you know, and like they say on G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle”.

... stay tuned for the next upcoming installment of
"Behind the Blog" ... and have a great weekend!!!

Come on everyone ... play nice

One can tell it's Run-Off time!

I've had a number of postings taking shots at other candidates on my blog which I have opted not to allow to go forward, especially with regard to Mike Campbell. Most of these are at least somewhat personal, and none of them have anything to do with records of public service.

Those of you who know me, know that I support Andre, and some of you may be aware of how I've been kicked around by Campbell's campaign. But in spite of that, I believe in sticking to the records and issues. I'm better than that, and I ask ya'll to be the same.

If you want to toss the sludge around, there are other blogs where that sort of stuff is welcome. But it's not welcome here.

Thank you for your cooperation.