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Tim Scott Rises Above Left-Wing Haters: My latest national op-ed

Tim Scott hasn't even been in the Senate a week and the haters are starting to come out against him. Read the latest in my national op-ed article: "Tim Scott Rises Above Left-Wing Haters", where I discuss Tim Scott's rise as one of America's true "post-racial" politicians (with a little help from South Carolinians Lin Bennett and David Carter):

The appointment of Tim Scott, a Congressman from Charleston, South Carolina, to replace South Carolina’s outgoing Senator Jim DeMint, made history. The first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction (during Reconstruction, Mississippi sent two black Republican Senators – Blanche Bruce and Hiram Revels – to Washington), he ascended to the Senate after nearly twenty years in politics from South Carolina’s coastal region.

While Scott’s appointment has generated considerable praise from his home state, as well as national political observers, it’s safe to say that NAACP leader Benjamin Jealous isn’t among Scott’s admirers. In criticizing Scott, who received an “F” score on the political scorecard for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Jealous accused Scott of not supporting civil rights ...

Want to read the full story? Then go check it out.

Gloria Tinubu update: The Green Quitter ain't quittin'

Gloria "The Green Quitter" Tinubu's appearance in South Carolina politics has been as turbulent as her career in Georgia politics and academia, not to mention Delta Airlines flights. But give her credit - she's not always a quitter.

After losing her bid for the Seventh Congressional District seat, where she upset the state's Democratic political machine, which had lined up State Rep. Ted Vick and then Pee Dee attorney Preston Brittain, Tinubu is making plans for a comeback. According to an email she sent out earlier today:

Thank you for your support during my run as the Democratic nominee for South Carolina's 7th Congressional District. Having garnered over 120,000 votes, we were roughly 6 percentage points away from a victory. In order to position myself to run again and win, I need your help now. 

First, I'm asking you to consider serving on my campaign finance committee for your county. As a committee member, you will help set our fundraising goals and develop strategies to meet those goals. Most of the meetings will be held via conference call with in-person monthly or quarterly meetings held only on an as-needed basis. Please let me know your willingness to serve via email at or call us at 843.488.2234. 

Secondly, if possible, I'm asking you to make another contribution now and/or ask friends and family to match the contribution you made. I want to retire my short-term campaign debt owed to staff and consultants no later than January 31, 2013. 

I'm turning to you, my friends and loyal supporters, to help in this early phase of fundraising.

We can't help but wonder what she's going to run for next.

Haley rules out "placeholder" Senator, to visit Lowcountry tomorrow

According to the schedule for Governor Haley, she has scheduled to visits in the Charleston metro area for tomorrow:

Tuesday, December 11, 12:00 PM: Gov. Haley will hold a media availability at Boeing’s welcome center after she tours the facility and visits employees, 5400 International Boulevard, North Charleston, S.C.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2:00 PM: Gov. Haley will join Mayor Riley and other officials for a business visit and economic development announcement, Benefitfocus, 125 Benefitfocus Way, Charleston, S.C.

Will this include an announcement regarding the appointment of a replacement for outgoing Senator Jim DeMint?

Congressman Tim Scott, who lives in North Charleston and was a key player in bringing Boeing to the Lowcountry, is considered by many to be a top prospect for the appointment and was recommended by DeMint to fill the seat. Of the names which have been floated, including former AG Henry McMaster and State Rep. Ralph Norman, Scott is the only Lowcountry name which has been given any serious regard by political observers.

DeMint resignation to fuel Senate feeding frenzy in 2014

The announcement by Senator Jim DeMint to step down from his Senate seat early is bound to make the 2014 election cycle a circus in South Carolina.

The decision by the Senator to accept the job to replace outgoing Heritage Foundation President Ed Fuelner only halfway surprised some. A lot of politicos we talked with recently figured he'd seek some role to stay in national politics once he left the Senate, but nobody expected him leave the Senate with four years left in his second term.

This opens up two cans of worms: first in appointing a replacement Senator to fill in until the 2014 election, and then by setting up a two-seat Senate race for the 2014 cycle, to elect a replacement for the remainder of DeMint's term, along with the regular race for Graham's seat.

With the holiday season upon us, the appointment process will be interesting to watch.

Already talk is circulating about a number of appointment prospects, including former AG and SCGOP Chair Henry McMaster, who ran for the Senate in 1986, as well as Congressmen Mick Mulvaney and Tim Scott, both of who have been mentioned as prospects for DeMint's seat in 2016.

It's interesting to note that South Carolina appointed Senators have a history of never going on to serve full-terms, being rejected in their quests to return to Washington with voter support. Even though these took place in the pre-Civil Rights days when South Carolina's political landscape was run by Democratic machines, it will be interesting to see if/how voters will accept an appointee. 

Hang on to your hats, folks, this could get strange real soon. 

2012: South Carolina Republicans gained ground, missed opportunities

As the dust settles on the South Carolina political landscape, it's clear while that little changed in the balance of power, Republicans remained on top.

Republicans went into the cycle expecting to build on the impressive gains of 2010, especially following last year's redistricting, but much the momentum seemed to have been lost in expensive and time-consuming party-infighting, much of it centered around the SEI filing mess. In the end, a number of opportunities slipped through their fingers, leaving them with much more modest gains than many had expected:

Charleston School Board RINOs: Still spending

This year, she's still at it - with the largest personal expenditures ($4,871) for any member of the county's school board over the last year ($23,060). Moffly's expenditures, which accounted for over 21% of the  by board members, were followed by Elizabeth Kandrac ($4,201), a former teacher who had joined Moffly in supporting a 2400% pay raise last year.

While Kandrac will be leaving the board this year, having opted not to seek re-election, Charleston County voters are stuck with at least two more years of Moffly.

Don't say we didn't tell you so

One of the most audacious power grabs in recent years in Lowcountry politics fell short tonight - with Charleston RINO Elizabeth Moffly leading the failed charge.

A proposal pushed by Moffly, who was elected to a seat on the Charleston County School Board last fall after a second failed bid for State Education Superintendent, would give Charleston County School Board members a whopping 2400% percent raise in their salaries, taking their pay from $25 per meeting (roughly $600 a year) to $15,000 a year. By comparsion, the most highly-paid school board members - in Horry County - get paid $9,600 a year.

In the losing 3-5 vote, Moffly was joined by Chris Collins, who lost a recent challenge to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and fellow RINO Elizabeth Kandrac.

The strongest voice against the proposal came from long-time Republican Mary Ann Taylor, who was elected along with Moffly last fall and resigned from the school board in protest tonight. While we wouldn't have endorsed her resignation, we certainly understand why she did it and believe she did the right thing in opposing the raise. Sources we've talked with indicated the proposal failed because of the high level of attention Taylor's resignation drew to the proposal.

This move leaves Charleston Republicans, who expressed their disgust with Moffly in tonight's meeting of the Charleston County GOP, with egg on their faces as some of their leadership backed her for the school board last year.