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Happy Birthday to Crescent Magazine

Upstate veteran politico Taft Matney has earned a pat on the back today as his web venture - Crescent Magazine - marks its first year in business today, carrying on its mission of talking about life, culture, food and sometimes politics in the Palmetto State.

Matney, who was concerned about the state's reputation post-Appalachian Trail, started the venture as a way to share a different view of the state than what was being portrayed in the news media:

South Carolina has amazing stories to tell and amazing people to tell them. That’s why CRESCENT exists. It’s on your computer, your smart phone, and your iPad to see and hear and read about people, places, and things that you won’t find in most other places.

... and over the last year, he's done a great job telling those stories. He gets to people and places that few can reach and gives readers thoughtful and in-depth looks you won't find elsewhere, written by someone who is both a good writer and analyst and someone with a deep passion for South Carolina.

If you haven't visited the site, you should. It really is sweeter than South Carolina peaches.

Charleston thugs exposed online

Our hats are off to the newest group of citizen activists - Charleston Thug Life - who are following the Charleston area's criminal element online.

Scrolling through their blog, it's ... interesting ... to see how brazen the losers of Charleston's gutter are in showing off via social media. We invite you to check out their work.

Reportedly, the blog, whose unidentified authors say their goal is to “expose as many of these hidden thugs as we can; for as long as we can”, have become a tool for local law enforcement.

McCarty's "Top Nine" SC Politicos

Sometimes we spin over to check out Voting Under The Influence, a blog published by Brian McCarty, a long-time South Carolina politico. Some of the most interesting reading on his blog would be found in the comments section of his articles, where he had cultivated a following of somewhat extreme characters whose hatred for McCarty - and other commenters - was both obvious and dysfunction.

He was inactive for a while, but has returned to the scene recently, including publishing his Top 9 list for the most important politicos in the state:
As the New Year begins, we take a look at who really run things in South Carolina. Here is our take on the 9 most powerful politicians in South Carolina.

Blogger-alien experience: Your guess?

As discussed last week, the Blogland has been informed that a South Carolina political blogger has been abducted by aliens - or at least claimed to have been.

We're hot on the trail of this mystery and hope to have news for you soon.

But in the interests of good clean fun, we're going to invite our readers to tell us who they think we'll be naming as the victim of the South Carolina Alien-Blogger experience.

Laurin Manning's back on the web

Laurin Manning, one of the pioneers of political blogging in South Carolina, has returned to the web with her new blogging venture:

Laurin's as sharp as they get with new media. Last year was much rougher than she deserved, so we're hoping this website starts off a big 2011 for her.

Pub Politics: Live on Wednesday with Senator Mike Rose

This week's episode of Pub Politics will be featuring Dorchester County State Senator Mike Rose discussing what is coming up in the State Senate this year.

They'll be broadcasting it live via the Internet beginning at 6pm - - or you can catch the show in person if you're in the Midlands:

The Tin Roof
1022 Senate Street, Columbia

The Ride of the Four Horsemen

It was a week of revolution in America, five months into the Obama administration and the week of the first TEA parties. The winds of change were beginning to blow across America and throughout South Carolina. 

That was when four very different types teamed up and became known as "The Four Horsemen of the Political Apocalypse" : 6th District GOP Chair Tommy Grimes, Clarendon GOP Chair Moye Graham and bloggers Mike Reino and Earl Capps. Sharing their love for politics, BBQ, and beer, they teamed up to declare war on Democrats, bad BBQ and boring political websites, while often meeting at a secretive location on the shores of Lake Marion.

While some say South Carolina politics would be forever changed by what happened next, others called them riff-raff and said they were doomed to failure and eventual obscurity.

Pete Reino's birthday gift to the Blogland

Occasions like birthdays  are great opportunities to relax, spend time with friends and family, and indulge a little.  But sometimes, they should be times in which we reflect upon how far we've come, and what we should be thankful for.

Fellow blogger Mike Reino over at SC6, recently talked about his Uncle Pete, PFC Peter Reino, who was killed in action 65 years ago this weekend (February 7) while serving in the U.S. Army's 76th division, which was deployed in Europe and quicky plowed across Germany in early 1945:

From what I know, no one in my family knew any details about Pete's death, just after his 19th birthday. All I knew was his Service Number, Division, Infantry Number and the day he died. Well, there are people out there who know enough military history that the info I had was enough - and he happened to run across my blog post.... Just 3 days before what would be Uncle Pete's 84th birthday, I now know where he died, and the important battle he fought in...

Pete served in the 76th Division, 417th Infantry Regiment, under General William Schmidt and the 12th Army Group under General Omar Bradley

Thanksgiving Political Awards

Over at Voting Under The Influence, they're taking nominations for their Thanksgiving Political Awards:

1) Turkey of the Year (given to the politician or political group with the worst year and most boneheaded moves.)

2) Golden Drumstick: (given to the politician or political group with the best year or most influence.)

3) Cornbread Dressing Award for Career Achievement

4) Cranberry Sauce Award for outstanding local government achievement.

5) Holiday Ham Award (given to the politician, blogger, consultant, with the biggest ego.)

6) The Fruitcake Award (self explanatory)

Go over there, or email Brian McCarty personally, to make your nominations.

The Cheese War is on: Meet Beatallica

Recently, the Blogland editorial staff convened an emergency meeting at our secret lair, which is in an undisclosed location hidden where nobody can find it.

The reason for this meeting - how the Blogland to respond to a
recent cheese attack from the Voting Under the Influence blog. After considering a list of options which ranged from doing nothing to going out drinking to telling our moms, we decided that nothing short of a forceful response was in order - a response which would send a message that the price for future attacks is simply unthinkable.

So to our cheese foes at Voting Under The Influence, here's yours:

Thanks to the guys from the Classic Metal Show podcast for news of this band.

The latest on Nettie Britts

Some have been following the Nettie Britts story. For those who haven't, Nettie was savagely beaten in her home and left for dead ... but they underestimated her. She doesn't know how to give up, as evidenced by this interview which aired on WIS news in Columbia last night:

Lemmy Kilminster of Motorhead once gave some sound advice that we'd like to share with Nettie:

We scare'em shitless just by showin' up alive
Why don't you tell'em to shove it
They might as well love it
Give you runaround
Don't let'em grind ya down

We here in the Blogland are DARN PROUD of you Nettie!

VUI & the Anderson storm

The Blogland was informed that fellow blogger Brian McCarty - the Voting Under The Influence dude - was under the weather last night - quite literally. It seems as if the storms that swept the Upstate hammered his part of Anderson County pretty bad. He reported that a couple of family members had damage to their cars and his computer was fried.

He may be offline for a few days. We're sure the Governor's office ain't complaining.

FITS gets de-listed, and so did we

Saturday, we got several calls and emails letting us know that the Blogland was de-listed from SCHotline's blogroll. We checked it out and found out that our readers were right - as they usually are.

Sources told us that Jeff Sewell, who runs SCHotline these days, said his advertisers were complaining that his listed blogs weren't posting on a daily basis, and that we were one of those slow-posting sites. We'd invite you to look at some of the other blogs to see if they meet this standard - and then we'd invite you to look on the sidebar of the Blogland and look at the number of postings each month, which typically exceed the number of days in any given month.

After you take a look, we'll let you reach your own conclusions about what he did, and why. But it's his site, so it's his right to do what he wants and he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, so we're not going to worry about it.

Since our traffic hasn't been adversely impacted by the delisting, no harm was done, so we're not gonna take it personally.

Today, Sic Willie, the Mack Daddy of the SC political blogosphere, reported that FITSNews was also delisted from Hotline, which Sic suspected had something to do with Jeff being voted the winner of FITSNews' recent "Slow Zebra" contest.

To which we say "nobody's perfect". We're sure that after two divorces, the name Earl Capps would top the list of "last person to set your sister or mother up with a date" - and for good reason. But we wouldn't take it personally.

FITS' Power 100: Congrats to these runner-ups

Sic Willie and company over at FITSNews put out their list of honorable mentions today, as a prelude to their list of the 100 most-influential people in South Carolina government. While we were flattered to be one of the parties recognized, there are a lot of people who made the Blogland what it is, and plenty of others much more deserving of recognition.

We were pleased to see some of them get a well-deserved pat on the back and appreciate the folks at FITS for recognizing their contributions to the Palmetto State. There were two we were especially proud to see on this list:

Kristi Harrington – Circuit Court Judge:

Everybody we spoke with said a first-term circuit court judge didn’t belong on our Top 100, let alone the “honorable mentions,” but the fact is Harrington isn’t your typical circuit court judge. She’s “wonder woman,” people. Not only ridonkulously hot in her robe, she’s tough as nails in it, too, already earning the nickname “handcuff Harrington” for her no-nonsense brand of dispensing justice. Plus, she’s incredibly well-liked and well-connected in Columbia and seen by many conservatives as a rising star in the judiciary.

Glenn McCall – GOP National Committeeman:

Although it won’t have the same impact as another historic African-American addition to the Republican Party (which you’ll read about in our Top 100), Glenn McCall’s selection as national committeeman is still a big deal. What people forget, though, is that McCall has been a force in this state long before he decided to run for this post. We’re just glad he’s finally gotten some of the visibility he deserves.

Other honorable mentions that were well-deserved include:

  • BJ Boling – VP, Starboard Communications
  • Drea Byers, Sunny Phillips – GOP fundraisers
  • Ian Leslie – Lowcountry Economic Network
  • Paul Campbell - State Senator
The only one we really disagreed with this one:

Mrs. Sic Willie – Saint

You might think our founding editor imposes his will on the world around him, but you should see how fast his arrogant, sarcastic tail tucks between his legs the second Mrs. Sic so much as bats a disapproving eye. Forget “wearing the pants,” we’re not even sure Sic has any underwear on.

Uh, Will ... being twice-divorced, we know a few things about how to piss the ladies off. Anyone who puts up with people like us deserves a freakin’ gold medal.

Take it from your friends at the Blogland: while we agree that she has to be a saint above saints, unless you like sleeping on that thing called a couch, you’d better put her on the top of the big list when it goes online.

South Carolina blogger pushing for Hawaii 5-0 remake

According to reports, South Carolina blogger Will Folks is planning to fund a remake of the classic television cop show "Hawaii Five-0", using some of his eleventy kabillion dollar fortune.

A renowned body surfer, Folks indicated the intro to the episodes will update many of the scenes showed in the original series, interspersed with shots of surfers ... and bodysurfers, to include Folks.

When reached for comment, Folks said "when you got a fortune of eleventy kabillion dollars, like I do, make the most of it".

The Lady wore Black

With the company's biggest highway project a week away from kicking off in North Charleston (check it out at, things are getting pretty busy in and around the Blogland.

First off, kudos to Representative Nathan Balletine, who also runs the Nathans News blog, for helping get the word out about US Group's work on Piney Grove Road. Our traffic shift on the project should go a little smoother, thanks to his help, along with Rep's Ted Pitts and Nikki Haley, who forwarded traffic notices along.

Second ... in working late tonight, this really kick-ass song from the early days of Queensryche's musical career stood out in our minds - The Lady Wore Black. We thought we'd share it with you:

... enjoy it. We did.

Congratulations, Will

Today, our best wishes, prayers, and congratulations are with South Carolina's numero uno political blogger Will Folks.

It seems as if the guy is really getting married this morning.

When the Palmetto State's most eligible bachelor is getting married, it's a sign of hope for the rest of us singles (the competition is greatly reduced, allowing even us twice-divorced losers a little glimmer of hope) ... and a warning that hundreds of heartbroken women will likely be hurling themselves from bridges, ledges, and cliffs across South Carolina by sundown.

We hope they don't. If they're single, heartbroken ... and rich ... we hope they'll give us a call and not waste the potential of their bank accounts ... uh ... lives.

Seriously, Will, you're a good guy and we respect your work and your talents. You have our very best wishes and prayers for a joyous and fruitful marriage, as well as a great honeymoon.

But being twice divorced, just promise you won't ask us for marital advice, ok?

We'll see you back soon.

Conflicts of interest?

Recently, we've seen some discussion about bloggers who cross their work with their blogging.

Rest assured, it's not the first time some blogger has accused another of mixing blogging as a form of news media with blogging as a form of paid advertising. Inevitably, such situations risk creating the appearance of conflicts of interest ... but even worse, they confuse the heck out of people, making them wonder who is backing who, who is paying who, and what is the real agenda of a given blogsite.

All we want to know about Columbia is who will pick up our bar tab when we're in town?

Seriously, folks ... it's one thing to have an opinion, support a candidate or an issue and use your blogsite to express that support. It's another to use your blog as paid advertising for candidates and issues. But either way, it's a free country, and we figure most people are smart enough to take what they read with a grain of salt.

Either way, as long as people know where the bottom line is, there's no harm done.

To help cut down on potential conflicts, we made it an early point to avoid discussion of SCDOT-related issues. Why? Because our employer is a construction general contractor who does a lot of business with the state. We could share our opinions about issues related to the SCDOT, or even local sales tax referenda over county-funded road programs, but we're pretty sure what we said would come across as biased and insincere.

In the case of issues such as requiring that bituminous curbing be used under guardrails on elevated shoulders or the benefits of using cement stabilization with full-depth reclamation of rural dirt roads ... such discussion would come across as biased, insincere ... as well as really darned boring.

We understand that some political bloggers also work in the political realm for a living, and as such, may have a vested interest in speaking out in favor of issues and candidates. While we disagree with those who believe their employment disqualifies them from being able to speak (and blog), we do believe that it's fair that you know who we are and where we're coming from.

This should go for those who work in politics and government, as well as those (like the Blogland) who are private citizens who enjoy sounding off about those subjects.

Radio Reino

There are reports that Pee Dee region blogger Mike Reino dropped a bunch of LSD while watching Airheads, and now he's gonna take over a radio station and play loud rock music until the SWAT team storms the place.

No, seriously folls, Mike Reino, the Pee Dee's favorite Republican blogger, has three daze on the air on Florence's talk radio station - News Talk 970AM - from 7 to 9am, Wednesday through Friday of this week. It looks like he's got a pretty good line-up, so if you get a chance, call in and talk with him and his guests.

Mike's line-up includes:
  • Wednesday:
    730 am - Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone
    800 am - Carolyn Jebaily and Peggy Brown from RED (Responsible Economic Development)
  • Thursday:
    800 am - Florence County Councilman Morris Anderson
    845 am - Democratic Presidential Race Analysis w/ Clyburn Rep. Charlene Lowery.
  • Friday:
    700 am - The Reino Dysfunctional Family Christmas Special.
Anyone want to guess which day I'll be calling in?

Anyway, be sure to pick up that phone and dial Mike's magic number ... 888-345-WJMX (9569).

This is a great picture

In "The one where I need oxygen", Jennifer over at Four Weddings and a Funeral, an old high school acquaintance from those crazy teenage James Island days, has a really great picture of her kids with her narrative of her experience of having her fourth child:

My fourth child was due on October 27, 2006, but somehow I just knew I would be having this baby earlier than expected. My mom was in standby mode in SC, waiting for the call to drive up to help out while I was in the hospital and for a few days after I came home. I called her on October 18th and told her that I thought it would be a good idea for her to come on up. She left on the 19th. That night she called to say that she was staying at a hotel for the night rather than driving through and would arrive the next morning. I had contractions on and off all night, but nothing regular.

... click here to read more.

Here's that great picture of her kids at the hospital: