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Guest op-ed: Bill Connor, "Hutto against people on FOIA, school choice"

This op-ed penned by Sixth District GOP Chair Bill Connor was also published in the Orangeburg Times and Democrat:

I was extremely disappointed to learn that Orangeburg state Sen. Brad Hutto has promised he will filibuster a bill expanding and simplifying Freedom of Information Act laws in South Carolina.

According to The Associated Press: “Hutto says he’s not objecting to the public records bill (meant to bring transparency to our government), but is rather part of a game of legislative chess in preventing debate on a private school choice bill.” When voters speak of ending the corruptions of a “good ole boy” system in state government, this case epitomizes those corruptions.

Interestingly, The Times and Democrat recently ran a fascinating letter by Bill Rogers about the troubling ways in which many public school districts abuse or ignore the laws governing Freedom of Information Act requests or stifle them through outrageous charges. Case in point was a 2008 report in The T&D that Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 Superintendent Melvin Smoak demanded $5,000 to provide the public copies of his 2007 travel expenses. It is outrage and frustration over such absurd behavior by school bureaucrats that is, for many, fueling support for school choice.

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Guest op-ed: Bill Connor - "Thank you, Sixth District Republicans"

Today's guest editorial is penned by Orangeburg Republican Bill Connor, the newly-elected Chair of the Sixth Congressional District GOP, an attorney and Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves who occasionally shares his thoughts via the Blogland. You too can contribute by sending an email to

Dear 6th District GOP members,

I want to start by offering sincere thanks for entrusting me with the Chairmanship of the 6th District GOP. This is an honor and duty I won't take lightly. I pledge to you my best efforts on behalf of the counties in the 6th District.

Since the 6th District convention, I had been busy preparing for a planned military training exercise with my unit which occurred last week. As a leader in this unit (in addition to my civilian job), I have had little "spare" time. However, we redeployed on Sunday, and have dedicated much time this week to 6th District GOP business. Know that the 6th Distict leaders like Jim Pratt, Sandra Bryant, and Moye Graham are working on your behalf. I couldn't ask for a better team.

The day after my return from military duty (ironically May 1, or "May Day"), I decided to shake things up and pay a visit to a speech given by Congressman Jim Clyburn. Some of you have read what I posted on facebook about that visit, but if not here is my posting:

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Guest Op-Ed: Tom Grimes - "Thank You"

This guest op-ed was submitted by former Sixth District GOP Chair Tom Grimes of Florence, who recently ran a strong candidacy for the new Seventh District GOP Chair, losing in a close race, but carrying six of the district's eight counties. The Blogland accepts submissions for publication from our readers of letters, essays or artwork. Email us to find out more. 

 I want to thank each of you for the hard work you personally put in to organizing the convention. As district conventions go, this was most assuredly one of the most interesting conventions I have been a part of in a long, long time.

I also want to thank each of you for your support and your county’s support in my quest for the Chairmanship of the 7th. I cannot thank you each enough for the encouragement and support. I know that some of you put yourselves at tremendous personal risk to your individual reputations and I can never thank you enough. It was a hard fought race that saw a lot of bitter and nasty mudslinging from some groups. I and those that helped with my campaign tried to remain above the nastiness and for the most part, we were successful. While I would have preferred a different outcome this past Saturday, I have no regrets on how I ran my campaign and with a few tweaks would do it the same way again. Elijah won a extremely close election and I ask that we all come together now, unite behind Elijah and move forward to elect our party’s nominee to the US House of Representatives this November.

Since the convention, I have received a number of calls and e-mails asking what I am going to do now that I no longer hold an official position? Let me be clear on this, I do not need another bullet point on a resume’ to work with and be involved, active and supportive of the SCGOP. It was not just campaign rhetoric when I talked about working in my dad’s tobacco warehouses as kid. It was not rhetoric when I talked of my summers at our family beach house in Garden City or earning my Eagle Scout badge and the times I spent at Camp Coker in Society Hill. The love, concern, passion and drive I have for this area we call the Pee Dee and the Grand Strand is borne from something some can never truly understand or appreciate.

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Guest op-ed: Billy Simons - "Romney is Right on Russia"

Today's guest editorial was written by Billy Simons, a Blogland reader who lives in Summerville with his wife Ana. You can email him at

 I would first like to congratulate the left wing media for making me do something I never thought I would, defend Mitt Romney. I am sure by this point we have all seen the video of Barack Obama whispering to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to "give him some space on missile defense, after the election i will have more flexibility."

Afterward, Mitt Romney rightly condemned this statement and labeled Russia a chief geopolitical ally. I could probably write an entire book on why this was correct; however, I will just give a few highlights of the lovable teddy bears that are Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev and the regime that they have overseen for more than a decade.

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