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Merry Christmas from the Blogland

As Christmas approaches, we take you to Ontario, for the first part of the Great Compline of the Nativity, one of the kinds of services you'll see at my parish as we celebrate Christmas.

Our readers are welcome to join yours truly for Christmas services, which will be held on Christmas Eve at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church on America Street in downtown Charleston, one block north of Columbus Street:

  • Royal Hours of the Nativity, 10 am-noon
  • Vesperal Liturgy of the Nativity, 2-5 pm
    Divine Liturgy of the Nativity, 6-8 pm

If you catch me there, I'll even buy you lunch or dinner afterwards (current parishoners not eligible for this offer) for a Christmas present. How's that for a deal?

As the next few days will be rather busy, this will likely be the last Blogland posting before Christmas Day. We in the Blogland wish all our readers (with great politically-incorrect intents) a very safe, happy and joyous Christmas.

Melkite conference, 2007

I ran across this while You-tubing recently.

Here's a clip from one of the dinners at the 2007 Melkite conference, when Father Gabrielle of the Miami Melkite Catholic parish takes the mike for a while. I'm in there as the camera pans around the room, but only as a very brief blur:

The annual Melkite conferences are largely family vacations and gatherings for many Arabic Melkite families, so us non-Arabic converts have a bit of challenge finding a place to fit in. The challenge is usually nowhere near as bad as fitting in with our own parishes.

The toughest thing is not knowing a lick of Arabic, so we're lost when they start singing and all that at these things. I wish they'd offer something to help orient us American converts at these events so we're not so lost.

Iconography paper: An update and preview

For those who may be wondering how my year-long research project into Iconograhy in South Carolina is progressing ... well, it's about 85% done, with an evening or two left to incorporate the remaining personal narratives. The paper will be entitled:
Messengers of faith and tradition: The semiotic role of religious icons as messengers of faith and traditions among Eastern Christians in contemporary South Carolina
For a sneak preview, here is the abstract of the paper:

This study will examine the process in which Eastern Christian religious images, known as icons, serve as symbols which communicate messages related to faith and traditions for Eastern Christians who reside in contemporary South Carolina. This is informed by research in the field of semiotics which studies the assignment of meanings to visual images, which allows those objects to convey messages important to those associated with a given culture, is studied. Using research from published sources, as well as personal interviews and on-site visits with clergy and parishioners of faith communities of Eastern Christians in South Carolina, an examination is made of how religions icons serve to in maintain and express the spiritual faith of Eastern Christians in contemporary South Carolina.

To keep from boring ya'll to death, I will refrain from posting my conclusion, except to say that my research took me, as it often will, in directions which I did not anticipate. Not only did the narratives reinforce the empirical research which validated icons as communicative messengers, but it actually suggested there may be a broader role for them to play in our increasingly-visual society.
The next-to-final draft will be done Monday for review by my faculty advisor before it is submitted to the National Communication Association for consideration for their 2006 annual conference, to be held in San Antonio, Texas.
Stay tuned ...