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WASP on Barack Obama: "Call him what he truly is… a Marxist, in Socialist clothing!"

While we haven't always agreed with his political insights, we've found the frontman of Tipper Gore's favorite band - WASP - Blackie Lawless to be outspoken on issues. Us 80s headbangers remember how he took on that Democratic fascist pig and her PRMC gang. Here in the Blogland, we've talked about the WASP album, "Dying for the World", which was inspired by Lawless' rage over the attacks of 9/11.

Now, he's standing up to the latest fascist pig to rise up on the national political scene, Barack Obama, challenging the dangers that lie just below the surface in a posting on his website entitled "Read in case of National Emergency":

The books Obama has written about himself are very clear as to his true ambitions concerning his Leftist, Marxist views but the average person will not take the time to read them, In the 1920’s while in prison, a young Adolf Hitler wrote “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) which outlined his entire plan for World Domination and the extermination of the Jewish race. No one would read it, and then when they did it was too late…. any book that was not approved by the Nazi Party was burned. The “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx at one time, was required reading in our schools. This book is Obama’s “How To” guide with his ideal of the “Redistribution of Wealth”. If you don’t think so, go back and look at the above radio interview. Somewhere Karl Marx with his Godless, Utopian vision is laughing in delight.

If it is true that “What is Past, is Prologue” then we need look no further than Obama’s books. His blueprint is there in black and white. Literally and figuratively.

I will vote for McCain, not because I believe in all he stands for, but as a mandate against Obama, to keep him from becoming President. Yes, I will cling to my guns and my religion, and continue to believe in the Constitution, the Cornerstone of our society and trust that this is STILL a ”Government of the People, By the People, For the People”.

The point of all this is, that no matter whatever any of us encounter in life, look for the truth. The truth can and will stand up to anything. If that truth cannot stand up to scrutiny then you must see it and call it for what it truly is.

If any would be Messiah comes along and he looks like it, acts like it and smells like it then you call him what he truly is… a Marxist, in Socialist clothing!

Amen, brother.

This'll be our last post on the subject, because for the next few days we here in the Blogland are gonna be doing all we can to stop that lying SOB and his militant cohorts from winning the White House.

They wanted a fight, so we're gonna give 'em one!

Post and Courier questions Bidens "alternate universe"

For all Joe Biden's supposed foreign policy expertise, it's a little puzzling how such a seasoned politico has managed to come up with some of the really strange whoppers he's put out there over the years. Yesterday, the Post and Courier nailed two of his latest big ones.

Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but in a recent interview, Joe Biden told us FDR was on television decades before it was invented and years before he was elected to address the nation:

This brings to mind Sen. Biden's remarkable comment to Katie Couric on Sept. 22 describing how President Franklin D. Roosevelt went on national television after the October 1929 stock market crash to explain what needed to be done. Never mind that he wasn't president at the time, and that television wasn't in use until 20 years later.

Joe Biden speaks of the recent days of peace and brotherhood in Lebanon after the liberation of that country by the invasion of US and French forces (it never happened, but if it did and the French were involved, wouldn't they have lost?):

BIDEN: When we kicked — along with France — we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said and Barack said, 'Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don't ... Hezbollah will control it.'

P&C: In the real world, Hezbollah was never "kicked out" of Lebanon, so there was never an opportunity to move any foreign forces — NATO or otherwise — to Lebanon to "fill the vacuum."

... and Palin's critics call HER kooky?

Obama Three Dollar Bills

This is the funniest thing we've seen all week. For those who remember the Bill Clinton three dollar bills, now there is Obama three dollar bills.

You can order yours from

Media criticisms of Palin backfiring?

According to polling data from Rasmussen, the media's over-scrutiny of Sarah Palin may be generating sympathy, and that many voters are forming generally favorable opinions of the GOP veep candidate:

Over half of U.S. voters (51%) think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage, and 24% say those stories make them more likely to vote for Republican presidential candidate John McCain in November.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) also believe the GOP vice presidential nominee has better experience to be president of the United States than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

But 49% give Obama the edge on experience, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken before Palin's historic speech Wednesday night to the Republican National Convention.

When one VP candidate is losing to the other party's Presidential candidate by just ten points, it's not a good sign for Barack Obama's candidacy, but great news for McCain, who took what was considered by many to be a risky gamble by selecting her as his running mate.

Presidential experience?

Those who are criticizing McCain's selecton of Sarah Palin feign concern about what they allege is a lack experience to fill the VP slot, having formerly served as the mayor of a town of 9,000.

This is from those who support a Presidential candidate who, four years ago today, was a member of the Illinois State Senate.

Which option presents a higher degree of risk?

Which candidate can only talk about change, and which one actually ousted public officials to bring about real reform?

Yep, that's what we thought.

It's McCain-Palin

A news report like this makes it pretty obvious that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (a fellow communication degree holder) is John McCain's soon-to-be-announced running mate:

A Gulfstream IV from Anchorage, Alaska, flew into Middletown Regional Airport in Butler County near Cincinnati about 10:15 p.m. Thursday, said Rich Bevis, airport manager. He said several people came off the plane, including a woman and two teens, but there was no confirmation of who was aboard.

"They were pretty much hustled off. They came right down the ramp, jumped in some vans here and off they went," Bevis said. "It was all hush, hush."

It appears Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's move yesterday to cancel all his appointments today may have been intended to draw media attention away from the Democratic Party's big O-day event. Apparently he will be enjoying today with his family at the state fair.

Mitt Romney's people put word out last night that it's not going to be him.

We think the selection of the Alaska governor is a smart pick and certainly offers a fresh new face on the national political scene. This reform-minded Presidential ticket will have the full support of the Blogland.

Winning power through mass persuasion tactics

Barack Obama isn't the only one who liked to pack 'em in by the tens of thousands, put on a great show, and stir the crowds up with feel-good speeches that masked a questionable record and vague agenda:

... and look how well that one worked out.

3AM: Hillary on John McCain & Barack Obama


Has anyone been to lately?

A John McCain & Tom Ridge ticket? We ain't buying this one. We think it's someone's idea of a joke. Possibly by the McCain campaign itself.

Debra to Democrats: "It's okay, really!”

Debra was a Hillary delegate, but now she's standing with Democrats like Joe Liberman who are saying "Country First" and are joining the McCain team.

See where a few nice words can get you

It looks like a few kind words about Barack Obama must've helped Joe Biden get himself a slot on the 2008 Democratic Presidential ticket:

You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

"Poor Joe Biden", 2/1/07

... one way or another, Obama's running mate won't run out of things to say. No matter what, the Senator from Deleware should be able to dig around and find the right thing to say.

Do you know enough to elect Barack Obama?

The American Issues Project will begin airing this TV spot, asking audiences in targeted markets if they really know Barack Obama. The ad points out his connections to terrorists and political radicals:

Kasparov challenges Obama to stand up to Russia

Garry Kasparov, a well-known former Soviet dissident and current Russian political opposition leader, challenges Barack Obama to stand up to Russia, as well as other authoritarian regimes:

Berlin is an ideal place for an American president, even a would-be president, to speak to the world about freedom and shared values. Barack Obama's recent visit evoked the famous speeches of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan that defended the U.S. stance against the Soviet Union and tyranny in Eastern Europe. Both the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union are now gone, but dangerous, nuclear-armed dictatorships are not. Sadly, Mr. Obama declined to mention this in Berlin.

The stage for his disappointing performance was set several weeks ago, when the Illinois senator rejected John McCain's proposal to eject Russia and exclude China from the Group of Eight (G-8). Mr. Obama's response during a July 13 interview on CNN -- "We have to engage and get them involved" -- suggests that it is impossible to work with Russia and China on economic and nuclear nonproliferation issues while also standing up for democracy and human rights.

It has repeatedly been shown that the exact opposite is true.

Dick Morris disses Romney, plugs Powell and Rice

Over on his blog, Dick Morris warns against considering Mitt Romney as a VP candidate, offering these thoughts:

McCain should, at a minimum, choose a candidate who won’t cost him votes. And, at a maximum, he should go with a vice presidential choice that redefines his candidacy.

With the nation in the grip of a fundamental re-appraisal of its past rule by white men, both Condi Rice and Colin Powell suggest themselves as excellent alternatives. They would excite voters, turn them on and give them a way to vote against Obama without ruffling their consciences.

To read the rest of the article, go here.

An early win for Rep. Annette Young?

We're checking into reports we've received this weekend that the Democratic challenger to Summerville State Rep. Annette Young plans to inform Democratic Party officials of his desire to abandon his challenge to the veteran House member.

While Young was expected to win re-election handily, as is usually the case, such a withdrawal may mean an early re-election victory, should Democrats not be able to find a replacement candidate.

Our sources indicated the candidate was unhappy with pressure being applied upon him to toe the party line after he made it clear he would run as a conservative Democrat and publicly support John McCain for President.

For Democrats who had talked a big deal about slashing the GOP's legislative majorities with a supposed Obama wave, this development isn't helping things. Seeing many of their party's candidates distancing themselves from Barack Obama or outright supporting McCain and quitting their races has to make one wonder if such a wave exists, and should there be one, which party will benefit from it should one occur.

Is Barack Obama a corporate sell-out on environmental issues?

We’ve never been big fans of ethanol as a substitute for gasoline, for the reasons which have been cited by Jeff Goodell in Rolling Stone magazine, who describes it as:

... dangerous, delusional bullshit. Ethanol doesn't burn cleaner than gasoline, nor is it cheaper. Our current ethanol production represents only 3.5 percent of our gasoline consumption -- yet it consumes twenty percent of the entire U.S. corn crop, causing the price of corn to double in the last two years and raising the threat of hunger in the Third World. And the increasing acreage devoted to corn for ethanol means less land for other staple crops, giving farmers in South America an incentive to carve fields out of tropical forests that help to cool the planet and stave off global warming.

At the risk of sounding liberal, we care when one of the things that we still export, which offers real help to the world's poor, is now yet another strand in the dependency web which continues to destabilize our nation.

You'd think the likes of Barack Obama, whose campaign claims to be about change and bashes the current administration for selling out to special interests and not doing enough to help the Third World, would care about such things, right?

Think again.

According to the New York Times, Obama seems to be bought and paid for by the well-subsidized ethanol industry, continuing to support our dependency upon the internal combustion engine, which ultimately leaves us increasingly dependent upon foreign (usually dictatorial) nations:

Nowadays, when Mr. Obama travels in farm country, he is sometimes accompanied by his friend Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader from South Dakota. Mr. Daschle now serves on the boards of three ethanol companies and works at a Washington law firm where, according to his online job description, “he spends a substantial amount of time providing strategic and policy advice to clients in renewable energy.”

Mr. Obama’s lead advisor on energy and environmental issues, Jason Grumet, came to the campaign from the National Commission on Energy Policy, a bipartisan initiative associated with Mr. Daschle and Bob Dole, the Kansas Republican who is also a former Senate majority leader and a big ethanol backer who had close ties to the agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland.

Not long after arriving in the Senate, Mr. Obama himself briefly provoked a controversy by flying at subsidized rates on corporate airplanes, including twice on jets owned by Archer Daniels Midland, which is the nation’s largest ethanol producer and is based in his home state.

It's not the first time we've talked about Barack Obama’s continued support for pork-barrel boondoggles, corporate welfare and his willingness to do anything to keep from forcing Detroit from moving away from fuel-burning engines (
Subsidizing oil addiction?, 5/31/07). But we're never really surprised when facts come to light which challenge impressions created by the great act of rhetorical improvisation that is Barack Obama.

Apparently ideological consistency is not a requirement when you're Barack Obama, or one of his supporters.

While we're at it, we'll share two videos which will help illustrate the differences between the two Presidential candidates - one, a maverick reformer and the other an ambitious politician who will say and do anything to get elected:

"Energy Security"

"Meet Dr. No"

President McCain to face Congressional grilling?

In this story in the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, we find John McCain offering to introduce Question Time to the United States Congress:

On the policy front, McCain said that by 2013, the end of his first term, he envisions most U.S. troops coming home from Iraq "in victory," as well as delivering health care and restoring "economic confidence."

And, acknowledging a White House criticized as too partisan and insular, McCain said that as president he'll ask Democrats to serve in his administration and vowed to "set a new standard for transparency and accountability. ... When we make errors, I'll confess them willingly." He vowed to institute regular presidential question-and-answer grillings before Congress, much like the British prime minister's weekly televised "Question Time."

It would certainly be interesting to see a President McCain slugging it out with the Democrats on the House floor.

For those of y'all unfamiliar with Question Time, a weekly staple of British governance and political discourse, here is a great clip of British PM Gordon Brown battling Conservative Party leader David Cameron in the British House of Commons.

We've been fans of the Question Time ever since we first saw it on C-Span manhy years ago. Sure this tradition lacks a lot of the decorum that creates a facade of false civility and non-partisanship in both Houses of our Congress, but at least they're honest and don't dance around the points. Perhaps our Presidents should be able to defend their administration's policies in front of audiences of politically-motivated skeptics, as well as live television audiences.

We don't know about y'all, but we would be so ready to watch a little more fire, passion, and locked horns help keep both sides in check.

Operation Chaos in North Carolina?

The Barack Obama campaign stumbles out of Pennslyvania into a series of contests which are, for the most part, expected to be somewhat lackluster in his prospects. Super Tuesday II and Pennslyvania put an end to his streak of big wins, forcing him to signifcantly outspend Hillary Clinton. Thus far, his ability to outspend her has failed to score the knockout blows a spending advantge of 2 or 3 to 1 might normally give a candidate in an open race.

The only state where he stands to win big in the upcoming weeks is North Carolina, where most polling has put him in the lead by about 15% points.

But before he can take that for granted, rumors have begun to surface that GOP activists from Georgia and South Carolina, both heavily-red states, have begun planning to travel to North Carolina to assist (unknowingly) the Clinton campaign with it's get-out-the-vote activities. In fact, we got a call asking if we wanted to help ... sorry guys, that's my graduation week, I'd rather party.

In recent years, GOP Victory operations have turned out votes that were crucial to winning key statewide races in all three states, including the 2002 twin-upsets in Georgia by Saxby Chambliss and Sonny Purdue, South Carolina's 10 to 1 GOP majority of statewide officials, and the 2004 North Carolina Senate race. That's ample proof these people know the ground well.

As independent and blue collar white voters, a significant voter bloc in North Carolina, are starting to sour on Obama, the threat of an organized cross-over effort in a state where sneaky tricks by GOP (and Democratic) operatives are everyday business could pose a real threat. A close race there could cost him his last chance to score a pre-convention knock-out, increasing the potential for a brokered convention that could be damaging to the Democrats in the fall.

Or the Obama campaign could pull staff and resources out of Indiana and West Virginia, where they are expected to run close to Clinton, to protect their lead in North Carolina. This might work, at the expense of giving Clinton a good shot at winning most of the other post-Super Tuesday states, again keeping the game running until the clock runs out at the convention.

So long as their nomination battles continue to waste money and time, we're not surprised there are those out to make the most of the present situation.

Obama campaign cons teens in Manning?

According to Mike Reino over at SC6, the Barack Obama campaign, possibly through a teacher or staff member at the high school in Manning, SC, attempted to con some teens into working a booth for them:

The funniest part of the day had to be the Obama booth. Apparently, the kids at Manning High School were asked to volunteer at the Festival. What a lot of them didn't know was that they would be working at Barack Obama's booth. Many left, and some parents wouldn't even let their kids work there. It would be interesting to see who's idea this was, and what relation they have to the campaign.

Having blown the whistle on more than one attempt to use our schools and colleges as Democratic political machines, several questions come to mind:
  • Who on campus helped the Obama campaign recruit students?
  • Why did they misrepresent the nature of the activity to students?
  • Were official inducements, such as extra credit opportunities, offered to get them to participate on behalf of the campaign?
Lying to people to achieve short-term political objectives ... and possibly using government resources to trick people into helping political candidates ... to us, sounds a lot like good ol' boy politics.

But when those things are being done by the Barack Obama campaign, the same tactics become ... (drum roll, please) ... "Change We Can Believe In".

We're certainly proud of the students who smelled a rat, and decided to go enjoy their weekend instead.

Blogland forces seize 6th District GOP in morning coup

With little warning, forces from the Blogland took virtually total control of the Sixth Congressional District’s Republican Party, seizing a number of strategic offices throughout the organization. Staggered by a barrage of material, stunned observers could do little but watch the events unfold.

Mike Reino, the author of the SC 6 blog and regular Blogland commentator from Florence, was elected Vice-Chairman without opposition, while Moye Graham, another Blogland ally from Clarendon County, was elected Secretary/Treasurer, as well as to one of the three national delegate slots. The other two national delegate slots went to Lt. Governor Andre Bauer and Dr. Joe Flowers.

According to Earl Capps, who planned the Blogland’s morning attack, “things couldn’t have gone better. Our people are in key positions throughout the party and we have three delegates going to the national convention who will all do their part to see to it that John McCain is elected President.”

Concerns that Bauer and Flowers weren’t part of the Blogland plot were dismissed by Joe Schmoe, a political analyst who escaped during the final armored assault: “The Blogland endorsed both of these guys in the last election. You can’t tell me there’s not a connection.”

Having completed their takeover, reports circulated that another offensive would be made to attempt to seat Earl Capps in the Treasurer’s office, which he had attempted last fall. However, these rumors were dismissed by Blogland officials on the basis that “he went to South Carolina schools, therefore he can’t count.”