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Walton Cartoon: "Everything's Imported"

NC primary vote: More bad news for Dems

2008 Presidential outcome map
While last night's run-off elections in North Carolina were hardly inspiring in terms of voter turn-out, Republicans were able to walk away with bragging rights, having overtaken the Democrats in terms of turnout. In a state where Democrats traditionally out-voted Republicans by three or four-to-one margins in statewide primaries and run-offs, this was a sign of continuing weakness by Democrats and another sign of growing GOP strength in a state Democrats hope to keep in play in the fall Presidential race.

While turnout was low, more than twice as many Republicans voted in the statewide run-off contests than Democrats last night. The one Democratic run-off race (Labor Commissioner) had 57,647 votes cast, while the lowest of three statewide GOP run-offs (Insurance Commissioner) had 136,296 votes cast. This was on the heels of the primaries, where Republicans and Democrats turned out roughly the same number of voters. The Democratic max was 934,287 votes cast in the Governor's race, dropping to 769,931 votes in the Agriculture Commissioner race, which was roughly matched by the 897,137 votes cast in a low-key GOP gubernatorial race and 772,584 in the Agriculture contest.

Comparing these totals to the total vote counts from the 2008 primary, both a major drop-off in Democratic voter interest and a major increase in Republican voter activity becomes apparent.

Guest Cartoon: Walton - "Vote Obama to save the Earth"

Bachman AWOL in Congress?

While we're talking about no-shows, it's important to note that poor attendance isn't just a problem with Democrats - there are Republicans who can't show up for their jobs either.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has missed nearly 40 percent of votes in the House since she formally launched her presidential campaign.

Bachmann’s absentee rate, which is significantly higher than the two other House members running for president, could be used by her GOP opponents on the campaign trail.

When confronted with this by a reporter, her response was "No comment", followed by "I’m not doing an interview with you now."

Winthrop University poll: Huckabee leads crowded field with S.C. GOP voters

According to a poll conducted by Winthrop University, 2008 GOP Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee leads a crowded field of potential candidates for the 2012 GOP nomination.

The "Winthrop Poll" is a series of public affairs polling conducted by Winthrop's Social & Behavioral Research Lab. This particular poll sampled registered voters in 11 Southern states - AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, TX, and VA.

While we'll question the practicality of polling voters in states which will mostly play little or no role in the GOP nominating process, as well as the ability early polling to predict the outcome of the 2012 nomination process, it is worth noting that while the early polls don't always predict who will win, they're pretty good at telling us who won't win.

So how did the other potential GOP candidates fare?

Presidential ambitions running wild?

Apparently my daughter isn't the only one who wants to be at the White House these days - and a lot of those who do seem to be showing up in the Palmetto State.

Minnesota GOP Guv Tim Pawlenty is in state this week doing an event for Mick Mulvaney's congressional bid. 

Last Friday, Huckabee's folks were in town for some high level meetings, including discussions with party leaders about targeting key legislative and statewide races this fall.  Huckabee has been active in South Carolina races since his 2008 candidacy, endorsing the gubernatorial bid of Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer as well as Steven Moss, who took the House District 30 seat last year in a special election.

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin have been involved a'plenty in South Carolina races. Palin with Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. Romney with Haley, as well as recent announcement of support for Peter McCoy, the GOP candidate seeking to oust Rep. Anne Peterson-Hutto from House Seat 115 in Charleston County.

Reportedly Newt Gingrich will be visiting soon.  Looks like things are starting to heat up as prospective candidates jockey for a winning position in the "First in the South" SCGOP Presidential primary, which is just 18 months away.