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What is the proper way to do CPR?

As a Red Cross instructor who teaches CPR and First Aid for my employees, as well as community safety classes, I've been asked quite a few times about my opinion about the "Compression Only" approach to performing CPR upon those in cardiac arrest.

Current Red Cross CPR instruction calls for those rendering aid to give repeating cycles of two breaths, followed by thirty chest compressions. This is intended to force oxygen into the body, then circulate it by working the heart, and should be performed until either an AED device can be deployed or professional rescue personnel can be arrived.

In a memo sent out this week, the Red Cross advised that it could not endorse the use of no-breathing CPR in the place of standard CPR, based upon a lack of sufficient research to validate this new approach:

Learn First Aid & CPR this Saturday in Bluffton

If you've always wanted to learn basic First Aid and CPR, and can get down to the Hilton Head area this Saturday ... come on down to the Red Cross office in Bluffton where yours truly will be teaching a class.

We thought about offering free booze ... hookers ... but that stuff is awful expensive. Not only that, but it occurred to us that maybe people should be willing to participate in the course because they care about their community and want to be good citizens.

But seeing as how we've extended invitations to do this class, and even travel the state to offer classes for anyone who can get a handful of participants together, but got almost no response, we're starting to think that our readers are all talk and no action.

For those of you who aren't just all talk, there's room in the class for a few more. The class runs from five to six hours, so come on down and empower yourself to help others and maybe save a life.

Blogland readers challenge: Become certified to give First Aid and CPR

Today being April Fool's Day, I had debated doing a satirical posting today, but instead, I figured I'd talk about something a little more serious and constructive.

As some of you know, I am Red Cross-certified to teach First Aid, CPR, Biohazards and some other important life-saving skills. In the past, I've tried to convince some of my mostly-political readers to take some time out one weekend to learn some vital skills.

After all, we are all interested in politics out of a desire to serve our community and help others ... right?

Here's one occasion for those Blogland readers in the Beaufort end of the Lowcountry - one Saturday in May, I will be teaching a course in First Aid and CPR at the Palmetto chapter of the Red Cross in Bluffton, right off US 278.

A lot of people think you have to have a medical background to take this class, whicn is NOT TRUE. Many people, including teachers, law enforcement officers, construction personnel, and even teenage babysitters, take these classes to learn how to respond to save lives. All you need is five to six hours of your time on a weekend or a couple of evenings.

So, if all you care about is being a political hack who likes running off at the mouth, but could care less about helping fellow citizens, then sit back and don't attend. But if you REALLY care about serving your community and making a difference however you can, then please email me at and let me know you'd like to attend this important class.

One legislator and a couple of other readers have indicated they'll be attending, so put aside politics for a day and come join us!

There's a modest charge for the class, something like $30 or so. Email me and I'll give you details about when, where, and how much you'll need.

Since my free time won't be so limited by graduate school soon, if some of my readers elsewhere in the Palmetto State would like to organize a First Aid and CPR class elsewhere, please let me know. I've even talked with some Blogland readers in one county about challenging both parties into holding a bi-partisan class. Just find a half-dozen interested parties and I'll be glad to come to wherever you are and teach it.

Red Cross training challenge update

Response to Monday's posting about doing classes in First Aid and CPR have been strong . Here are some of the responses that I've received:
  • I've been contacted by Republicans in Clarendon County about organizing a class, on a non-partisan basis for community service,
  • I've got other instructors who will help me with classes in Columbia and Charleston, if we have enough people interested;
  • I've got locations in Columbia, Charleston and Beaufort to do this training.
... now all I need is YOU.

Email me with your interest and I'll be sure to get back to you when plans start firming up. Participation is welcome and encouraged, regardless of your political affiliation.

I don't plan to offer these until school is out in May or June, as waiting until then will allow me much more flexibility to travel to anywhere in South Carolina there is enough interest, so speak up and I can make plans. While I'd encourage you to let everyone know who you are on my blog at these events, it certainly isn't required.