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2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant Dinner recapped

Tonight's Silver Elephant Dinner was a great event.  Thanks go out to the SCGOP team for such a well-managed event, and Wes Donehue for the invite to attend the event.

I enjoyed the great view from the back stage as part of the Bloggers Panel along with Brad Warthen and Wes Wolfe.

Special thanks to the many Blogland readers who stopped by the Bloggers table, as well as talked to me around the event. I'm always amazed, flattered and honored to hear from all of you.

To give y'all a recap, here are the five reports from the event:

#1: Opening

Silver Elephant Dinner #5: Karl Rove attacks on health care, remembers veterans, and calls the audience to serve

Attacking a health care bill which he described as having a 60% disapproval rating, he asked "how many trees had to die for this legislation?", Rove's remarks focused largely on opposing the Obama health care agenda.

He pointed out that "if you can buy car insurance from a lizard in Maryland, why can't you have more choices in health care", cautioning that health care reform "isn't about giving more money to the government or big insurance companies, it's about giving you more choices and more freedom".

He closed his speech talking about meeting a veteran during the last week he worked at the White House - "I was a lot smarter before I started working there" - during a Presidential visit to Reno, Nevada when he was going to speaking to the American Legion, followed by a visit to thirteen families who'd lost family members serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Silver Elephant Dinner #4: Karl Rove speaks

Introduced by former S.C. House Speaker David Wilkins, Karl Rove took the stage to address the Silver Elephant attendees.

After recognizing Sally Atwater, Rove gave three reasons for why he came to speak:

  1. Karen told me to come.
  2. I love South Carolina, particularly after 2000, when we won here.
  3. We've got to let nothing stop us from taking South Carolina this fall.

Rove followed by issuing three challenges to attendees:

  • They want Joe Wilson out ... and would love nothing better than to deal a blow to him.

  • While they're trying to pull a surprise on them, let's pull one on them by retiring Spratt.

  • Maximize your numbers in the legislature so you can draw the new Congressional district which is expected to come to South Carolina.

Silver Elephant Dinner #3: SCGOP Karen Floyd speaks

SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd followed a short break after the Sanford and Graham show, shifting the focus upon an SCGOP ready to go into the June primaries and the November general elections. She pointed out that statewide, the GOP recruited three times the candidates that the Democrats were able to recruit.

Floyd quoted current Mississippi Governor (and former RNC Chair) Haley Barbour's policy dictate, challenging the audience to "Keep the main thing, the main thing."

Floyd then introduced six former SCGOP Chairs to present the state GOP's first-ever Roger Milliken Lifetime Achievement Award to former SCGOP Chair Joe Edens, which Floyd said would be awarded to "the man who represents what being a Republican is all about".

Floyd then introduced former S.C. House Speaker David Wilkins who will introduce Karl Rove.

Silver Elephant Dinner #2: Sanford and Graham's tough acts

After a short break, the event continued, featuring two VIPs with low enthusiasm: outgoing Governor Mark Sanford and Senator Lindsey Graham.

When introduced, every table had attendees who did not stand when Sanford was introduced. Attendees visibly winced when Sanford repeatedly referred to "Jenny and our four kids".

Sanford referred to traveling, telling the audience "we're at a crossroads".

Between the Appalachian Trail and Argentinian ... 'nuff said there.

Graham was then introduced to even more lukewarm response, with the loudest applause coming when he praised fellow Senator Jim DeMint, encouraging Republicans to campaign hard for Demint.

Silver Elephant Dinner #1: Opening

It's a full house here at the 2010 SCGOP Silver Elephant Dinner.

The event opened with the gubernatorial candidates. Andre Bauer opened, followed by Nikki Haley and then Henry McMaster. Gresham Barrett was unable to make it, with his flight grounded by the weather.

Bauer's comments followed off last night's discussion, saying "I'm not saying we can't help people. We all have tough times. Having grown up in a single parent household, I understand."

Haley attacked federal bailouts and praised Senator Jim DeMint, aski

McMaster appealed to his long ties in the SCGOP as its former Chair, recalling in 1994 when the GOP seized control of Congress, along with the State House. He encouraged attendees: "we've got 'em on the run ... we're gonna fight and we're gonna win".

More to come ...