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William Shatner performs "Taxi"

We're not really sure what to say about this performance by Shatner, except "Back atcha, Mike!".

The Shat dude performs "Taxi" on the Dinah show, telling us the tale of flying high in his taxicab and getting stoned ...

... thesis is almost done folks, so the cheese will stop flying real soon.

William Shatner believes that "You'll have time"

After watching millions of people on many planets, especially extras with the rank of Ensign, die horribly of many exotic causes, William Shatner has finally figured out ... we're all gonna die:

... and now ... back to the thesis. Mike, it's your turn. Try and top this!

The new Motley Crue song kicks ass

.. reporting live from an all-night writing and research session at the Addlestone Library on the CofC campus ...

Before long, the fossilized remnants of the band known as Motley Crue are expected to emerge from a strip joint somewhere in Southern California to release their new album, "The Dirt".

The first song on their new album, "Saints of Los Angeles", is a kick-ass, hard rockin' track comparable to their earliest days, before Theatre of Pain began their long slide into the pop gutter. Check it out - and make plans to buy the album when it hits the shelves.

Here's a YouTube of the audio clip:

William Shatner - the Transformed Man

As the thesis quagmire continues to suck me in (and believe me, it really does SUCK!!!) ... we in the Blogland present you with this You Tube video has the album cover and the audio of a spoken word performance by the Shat-dude from 1968 ...

... hey Mike, had enough yet?

Four ballads in two minutes

Folks, we're still on thesis hiatus but we didn't want to let this space go unfilled or make y'all think we'd forgotten you're still tuning in.

Today's "While you wait" filler isn't - believe it or not - more William Shatner. Instead, we wanted to share this video of the Stormtroopers of Death performing ballads about the lives of four notable music figures: Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain and Tupac Shakur.

We're big fans of music, and believe us, few songs that we've heard have said so much with so few words.

Enjoy the video, and while you're at it, be sure to enjoy the weekend too:

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

(You're probably reading this, thinking I'm still buried with that darn thesis ... well, you'd be correct.)

When you hear that classic song title, we're sure the first thing you think of is ... William Shatner.

In watching this, we can't help but wonder if Captain Kirk beamed up a few bong hits to come up with this one ... his rendition - or should we say the vicious, savage raping of - the famous Beatles song.

If you just finished eating or hate seeing a good song wrecked beyond recognition, you probably don't want to see this. But if your name is Mike Reino, you probably can't wait:

Ok, Mike, now it's your turn ...

"I speak English and French ... but not Klingon"

The great William Shatner Blogosphere Madness Marathon continues.

In this video, the great Kirkness himself assures us that while he may not be a Captain, or a cop named TJ Hooker ... he IS Canadian:

Beastie Boys' early punk days

For those of you who only know the Beasties as a rap band, here's a curveball:

They started out in the 80s as a hardcore punk band. Really.

Don't just take our word for it ... here are some YouTube clips from some of their shows from the early 80s:

It just gets worse

Things between this blog and Mike Reino's SC6 blogsite continue to spiral downwards.

That is our new-found sport of picking on William Shatner via YouTube clips. The stuff we discover just keep getting worse.

Today's Shatner jab is his cover of a Frank Sinatra song:

... Mike, now it's your turn.

Back to hell, for the last time

For the next three weeks, I’ll be pretty buried between finishing my thesis and attending the Southern States Communication Association’s annual conference in Savannah, where I’ll be participating in a panel discussion, presenting my research in Cultivation Theory and political TV advertising.

So if you see less content here in the Blogland between now and May, don’t be surprised. Like the last month of every semester of grad school, I feel like I died and went to hell.

I’ve been writing an average of four pages a day for this thesis. So far, I’m at 80 pages, and by the time it’s turned in, it’ll be closer to 100 pages. For those of you who haven’t done this, turning in the thesis is only the beginning of a 2-3 week cycle in which the thesis is turned in, reviewed by three professors who then invite the author to meet in a small, cramped basement on campus for a two-hour defense session.

That means you sit in the basement while they bitch-slap you with two hours of questions. You don’t get the questions in advance, so you’d better know your stuff.

If you pass this torture session, you get to make some corrections and changes, and submit a few copies in printed and bound format for the college library and archives. If not, you might get to wait the fall to try again, which means you get to wait until December to graduate.

Since I’ve already sent out that invitations for my graduation party, I’d hate to let down all those friends, family, and assorted shady characters who I’ve invited – as well as lose the money I’ve put into the event.

Until that’s wrapped up, expect things to slow down a little bit.

If you’ve been a good friend and/or you're shady enough, we hope to see you there. Drop us an email and we’ll add you to the invite list.