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Walton Cartoon: "IRS"

Walton Cartoon: "Carney's Hope and Change"

Walton Cartoon: "Al Gore Lied?"

Walton Cartoon: "Five percent off Obama"

Walton Cartoon: "Never Give Up"

This cartoon from the Walton household was done by THEIR guest cartoonist - a ten-year old who submitted this cartoon, which they in turn submitted to the Blogland.

This looks like sage advice for a Monday.

Enjoy the week ... and never give up!

Walton Cartoon: "Sludge Killer"

Walton Cartoon: "Kerry's Magic Money Ride"

Walton Cartoon: "Chavez, you're late"

Walton Cartoon: "NRA vs. Democrats"

Walton Cartoon: "Going Postal - in style"

Walton cartoon: Charlotte sludge

This cartoon from Jamie Walton - who is recovering well - looks at the issue of sludge disposal in Chester County by the City of Charlotte.

The blogsite discusses their concerns about the issue:

Beginning today, December 28, 2012, DHEC is requesting public comments regarding renewing the land application permit for the City of Charlotte’s sewage sludge to be spread on farmland in SC. Here is the public notice announcement from DHEC. Anyone who questions the spreading of sewage sludge in South Carolina is asked to request a public hearing, so we can hopefully get some improvements made to the program.

There is much controversy surrounding sewage sludge and what kinds of chemicals are in this substance. If you are applying this to your property, you may want to take a look at the following report done by the USGS, indicating 25 different chemicals were found in every bio-solid sample tested.

A public hearing for the permit will be held next Tuesday - February 26 - in Richburg (in Chester County) at the Richburg Fire Station. The meeting begins at 6pm.

Click here to see the permit.

Walton: Obama's drone

Jamie Walton is down for a few days due to some health issues, but we've been told all is going well and he'll be back soon. If you know him, reach out and give him your best wishes for a full recovery.

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