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Chicago '68 or Goose Creek '08?

According to the Post and Courier, those Republicans who attend the breakfast in search of life, liberty, freedom of speech and assembly ... as well as grits and eggs, will be met by the cops in a manner more like that of 1968 Chicago than modern-era Goose Creek.

We don't know about you, but we're having a little trouble telling the difference between the two, thanks to Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman Josef Stalin ... whoops ... Wade Arnette, who has threatened to sic law enforcement on Charles Schuster, the long-time moderator of the group:

"I might have to have him arrested, or not, I don't know," Arnette said of Schuster on Thursday. "We might have to have a police officer down there. I am absolutely disgusted by this."

Arnette is THAT intimidated by Schuster? If you've ever met Charles, he's about the last person you'd be afraid of, much less call the cops on.

Then why is there such a need to muzzle dissent with arrests and Soviet-style party purges? Well, according to Arnette:

"The purpose of that breakfast is not to get up there and criticize anyone," Arnette said. "If they want it to stay as a Republican breakfast, then they need to follow the rules of the Republican Party."

We'd be interested in knowing what Mr. Arnette defines as the "rules of the Republican Party"? The last time we checked, people in this country have a right to question and criticize public officials, and nowhere in the Republican platform is freedom of speech prohibited.

It is with some irony that we recall seeing Mr. Arnette criticize a number of current and former public officials while attending past breakfast club meetings, including former GOP County Supervisor Jim Rozier and current GOP Governor Mark Sanford. Perhaps he'd be willing to step aside for such heinous violations of his own rules.

To refresh Mr. Arnette's memory, part of the Republican Creed says:

I will never cower before any master, save my God.

It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid. To think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations; to face the whole world boldly and say, "I am a free American."

That is, except when you're in Wade Arnette's presence. In that case, stay out of his way or he might have you arrested.

The biggest irony is that the place where Arnette will attempt to force his hand is the local American Legion, a place dedicated to those who sacrificed for our liberties, including the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

To use Arnette's words, we're "absolutely disgusted by this".

Arnette claims that he's seeking an opinion from the state Republican Party. We are certainly interested in knowing if Mr. Dawson plans to assist Arnette's efforts to force the entire Berkeley County Republican Party under the control of Arnette's Stalinist faction.

Tomorrow, we'll be there for grits and eggs ... and maybe handcuffs and bond hearings. Maybe we'll end up in jail , but if Charles has the guts to stand up to Comrade Arnette, then the least we can do is stand beside him.

Goose Creek lynching update

The Blogland received reports of efforts by Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette making numerous calls this morning to recruit support for his attempted putsch of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club. Failing to recruit support for his planned hijacking, Arnette reported has spent the afternoon calling various GOP activists, claiming the matter had been resolved.

Based upon a phone conversation with Schuster, Arnette's claims are completely false. There has been no resolution or compromise between Arnette and Schuster and the showdown threatened by Arnette is still expected.

However, it sounds like Arnette may be outnumbered by those supporting Schuster and free speech.

As part of our efforts to identify who is involved in Arnette's efforts, as well as to catalog the deceptive and threatening tactics they have employed, we ask anyone who may have received phone calls from Arnette or others to contact Schuster, Wheeler Tillman (his attorney) or the Blogland and let us know what you've been told and who told you.

If you were planning to attend to protest Arnette's planned lynching in the morning, PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PLANS TO BE THERE.

We'll see you there ...

Arnette to apologize to Schuster at tomorrow's GOP Breakfast Club meeting?

Blogland staff members are trying to track down the source of a rumor that Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette plans to issue a public apology for making a number of personal attacks upon local Republican Breakfast Club moderator Charles Schuster.

Reportedly, this apology will be offered at the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club at tomorrow morning’s monthly meeting, where Arnette made his accusations to news media representatives following his failed takeover attempt.

According to the source, he will claim that his attacks were motivated by a desire to seek revenge for not being allowed to take over Schuster’s group. Specifically, Arnette will apologize to Schuster for questioning his character and for wasting state tax dollars by involving the State Ethics Commission with what was termed a “frivolous complaint that had no basis in fact”.

The alleged desire to make up for the attacks upon Schuster’s character may have been prompted by comments by Steve Query, the county GOP’s Treasurer, who recently told local media that he wanted to see “a few minutes allowed where opposing views could be made, as long as it doesn't get into character assassination or personal vendettas.

Arnette’s false allegations, which accused Schuster of personal mishandling of funds, rose to the level of both character assassination and personal vendettas.

Other sources have claimed that the rumor was false and Arnette does not plan on returning to the place where he was booed by meeting attendees. Arnette has refused to return calls from the Blogland, leaving it to attendees to tomorrow’s meeting to see if Arnette will return, and if he does, whether he will be big enough to apologize to Schuster.

Berkeley GOP chair a sore loser?

When Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette was booed out of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club on Saturday, his next step was to do more of what he has been known to do: lie.

It seemed as if he lost no time in attempting to sic the State Ethics Commission on the breakfast club:

“I am calling an ethics investigation,” Arnette said. “We are not going to associate ourselves with that breakfast club.”

The call for an investigation came on the heels of a weeklong war of words between Arnette and breakfast moderator Charles Schuster. It also followed the latest GOP breakfast in Goose Creek, which saw Arnette asked to leave the podium as he addressed the gathering.

It would seem that if Wade Arnette can't control the group, he'll simply smash it. We thought games like this only took place in elementary school.

Arnette seems hell-bent on making the crybaby joke apply on a bi-partsian basis. One should not be surprised that he's turned on Schuster and this club, just as he turned on former County Supervisor Jim Rozier, whose campaigns he once managed.

While Arnette's actions have been of grave concern, even more concerning are reports that the "Breakfastgate" situation goes even higher. Over a dozen individuals have approached us and informed us that they believed state GOP chair Katon Dawson has been guiding Arnette's efforts. We certainly invite him to present his side of the story - and hope he does it soon.

Arnette's search for "Mo Money" finds just pocket change

Today's second story about stupid, heavy-handed moves by a political has-been brings us more news about the ongoing meltdown of the Berkeley County GOP. County Chairman Wade Arnette's sour-grapes efforts to smear Charles Schuster, the moderator of the local GOP Breakfast club, after his effort to hijack the club failed, ended up flopping as badly as his coup attempt, when the State Ethics Commission found nothing wrong and dropped the case:

Last week, Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman Wade Arnette wrote to Hazelwood, expressing his concerns about the breakfast.

On Monday, Hazelwood said that the breakfast would only fall under her office’s jurisdiction if it made contributions in excess of $500 to political candidates.

“The main thing is, the breakfast club has made it clear that … they are a group outside of the jurisdiction of the ethics commission, and outside of the party,” she said.

Hazelwood said the commission would not investigate the breakfast unless new information is presented.

- Goose Creek Gazette (2/13/08)

It's amazing that a group of people who gather for breakfast once a month can be so intimidating to Berkeley County's power structure. Either that, or Arnette has become quite adept at making mountains out of molehills.

Disclosures of the Breakfast Club's finances seemed to have pulled the plug on Arnette's allegations of financial wrong-doings, when Schuster opened the books, revealing that the club not only had very little cash on hand, but that this was a normal state of being for the club, and that the biggest beneficiary of what little money there was may have been the American Legion:

On Sunday, breakfast moderator Charles Schuster said that an audit of the breakfast’s finances revealed that the club has never had more than $1,097 in its bank account, and that all “deposits, checks and bank statements are on file,” he said.

According to Schuster, attorney Wheeler Tillman, along with Schuster, completed the audit Feb. 9.

“We looked at everything,” Schuster said. “Anytime we approved any money, it was always by voice vote. We’ve never done any cash. We have a tax ID number …

“We don’t solicit money from people. We are just a breakfast group that gets together.”

The breakfast’s current balance on hand is $560, Schuster said, and its checking account is with First National Bank of South Carolina.

Schuster said that all of the breakfast’s expenditures are voted on by the membership before any money is spent.

“Over the years, the club has given money to charities associated with the American Legion,” Schuster wrote in an email release over the weekend. The club also purchased a public address system, he said.

Surely Arnette wouldn't say the American Legion is unworthy of donations, would he? Perhaps Arnette cooked all this up while watching a re-run of In Living Color?

Backstabbing in the Berkeley GOP?

Just when we think it can't get any worse, the legal and ethical quagmire that is the Berkeley County Republican Party just seems to get worse. It seems as if check bouncing, missing funds and state ethics questions weren't enough for the county's GOP leaders. Now, they're attempting to bully the party faithful into silence over it.

As long-time attendees of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast club, we were a little puzzled that Berkeley County Republican Party sent this demand that Charles Schuster, the moderator of the Breakfast Club, step aside from the group that Schuster had run for years:

Berkeley County Republican Party
651 Leevy Drive
Moncks Corner,SC 29461

January 25,2008

Dear Charlie:

I would like to thank You for your service as Co-Host of the Berkeley County Republican Party Breakfast with the late Melvin Mann.

As Chairman of the Berkeley County Republican Party, I will be changing the format concerning the breakfast, hosts and moderators beginning in February. If you already scheduled a speaker for the February meeting, please advise me immediately.

Thank you again for your services and I look forward to your continued participation in the Berkeley County Republican Party.


Wade Arnette

Schuster was quick to respond to Arnette, challenging his right to interfere in a group that is not under the control of the county GOP:

Dear Fellow Republicans, 1/28/08

The Letter Below was not a suprise to me since on August 28,2007, The Berkeley County Republican Chairman (Wade Arnette), the Berkeley County Executive Committeeman (Wayland Moody) and The Widow (Roberta Combs) of the Berkeley County Republican Chairman (1992-Andy Combs) each threatened to do this if I(as Moderator) allowed Nancy Corbin to speak at the September 1, 2007 Berkeley County Republican Breakfast.

After She Spoke (with No Questions allowed from the Audience), the Berkeley County Chairman was invited to Speak and refused.

Since its founding in 1992, The Berkeley County Republican Breakfast has had itsown Checking Account and has NEVER Reported its Activities and Financies to the Berkley County Republican Party.

In December 2001 I and the Late Malvin Mann (Chairman) were honored by the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast for Our Service to the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast and Party.

The Berkeley County Republican Executive Committee did not vote on this since there has not been a Meeting since September 2007.

Charles Schuster may have to work on his grammar a little bit, but you get the point - they're out to get him, but he's not going without a fight. Nor should he. Come on ... it's not like he was fired from a job for embezzlement, stole money or bounced checks, now was it?

Charles is our friend and a big Blogland fan, so you bet your ass that we're behind him all the way. We're not sure if Wayland Moody and Roberta Combs are also in this, since the letter was sent from Arnette, but we hope they're smart enough not to further complicate a pretty embarrassing and difficult matter for Berkeley County Republicans.

We understand that Charles has met with an attorney on this matter, and Arnette will be informed that he has no control over the breakfast club, and therefore has no power to seat or remove Schuster - or anyone else - from his role as moderator.

We know that State GOP Chair Katon Dawson has attempted to brush this mess under the rug, in hopes that thing will eventually work themselves out. But it seems as if Arnette and others keep on using more of these bone-headed strong-arm tactics against their opponents. Dawson may be wise to let this situation play itself out without further efforts at "damage control".

This Saturday, Charles Schuster will, as he does every first Saturday, play host to speakers from the Lowcountry political scene. You can bet that we'll be there to show our support for him. If you'd like to show your support, come on down to the American Legion on Howe Hall Road in Goose Creek. Breakfast starts at 9am and only costs five bucks.

If you'd like to contact Charles, email him at and let him know how much you appreciate what he's done.

On a final note, we recently obtained this video of the meeting in which it was decided to oust Charles:

Katon Dawson clears the air about Berkeley GOP breakfast club

One of the rumors to come out of Wade Arnette's failed coup attempt of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club was that somehow the state GOP leadership encouraged Arnette to take over the group.

When the Blogland caught up with Katon Dawson at the Sixth District GOP convention last Saturday, he took a moment to share with us his side of the story. We could have thanked him and let it go at that, but we are strong believers in giving people both sides of the story. Therefore, we wanted to let our readers know what was discussed, so that this rumor can finally be put to rest.

Katon said that in no way did the state party encourage or support Arnette's effort. He said that the first time they heard about the trouble was when news of Wade's stunt appeared on the Blogland. He also pointed out that it is their position that such groups are independent of the state party and the county party organizations that are part of the official South Carolina Republican Party, and as such are not subject to the authority or control of either their county or state party organizations.

In addition, he pointed out that the use of the word "Republican" in no way places an organization under the control of the official Republican Party at the local, state, or national level.

He even said that in front of others, so that sounds like the official word on the subject. As far as we're concerned, the rumors of state party involvement are untrue and Wade's coup attempt was what it was - the lashing-out by a small circle of those angry they can't control everything and everyone. From the American Legion hall in Goose Creek to the state GOP headquarters, apparently Wade Arnette has nobody willing to back him or take his side - pretty sad for a supposed county party chair.

We appreciate Dawson's time, as well as his willingness to affirm that groups like Schuster's Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club are free and independent of outside control by those who don't always like them having freedom of speech or autonomy of action.

Let's hope that Arnette will come to realize that if he wants to be a real Republican leader, he'll spend more time building bridges and less engaging in intimidation, trickery, and character assassination.

A few apologies and a little more respect would be a great way to start.

Another attempt to hijack breakfast club?

We at the Blogland have been informed by our readers that there will be a second attempt to take over the Berkeley GOP Breakfast Club by Berkeley County GOP Chair Wade Arnette. This effort will be made tonight at a meeting he has called at the Sangaree branch of the Berkeley County Library, at 7pm.

That's at 595 Sangaree Parkway, Summerville SC 29483. Mapquest it and be there.

Arnette's position that the Chair has authority over every Republican organization within it's county should warn Republicans across the state that their own groups could be taken over at the whim of their county's Chairman - Breakfast Clubs, Lunch Clubs ... not to forget Women, Young, and Teenage Republicans.

Even more troubling is the silence from the state GOP leadership to allegations that we've raised that they may be supporting Arnette's efforts. Grassroots Republicans should be demanding to know if Dawson wants to allow local GOP clubs to be co-opted.

We were informed that Arnette failed to notify a number of members of the county's Executive Committee, so we're not even sure if whatever happens tonight will have legal standing.

It should concern Republicans that the Berkeley GOP has withered to the point where they can meet at a library. Folks, that's just one stop from the proverbial phone booth.

Now THAT is what you call leadership.

Come on out to show your support for Schuster and while you're there, ask Arnette when he'll conduct an audit of his own organization. After all, if it's good for the goose, it's gotta be good for the gander.

That's 7pm, at 595 Sangaree Parkway, Summerville SC 29483. Mapquest it and be there.

Berkeley coup attempt fails

This write-up is the promised extended report of what transpired at today's Berkeley Breakfast Club meeting ...

As promised, Wade Arnette showed up at this morning's meeting of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club to what was one of the largest turnouts in years.

While he succeed in turning 'em out, what he didn't succeed in doing was ... well ... succeeding at his mission - which was to take over the club. When it was over, Schuster continued to wield the gavel, adjourning the meeting as normal - as shown in the photo.

To help save face and keep the event from turning into a free-for-all, Arnette met with Schuster before the meeting, admitted defeat, and was allowed by group Moderator Charles Schuster to give an update about the Ethics Commission of the party.

When the "brief report" turned into a thirty-minute rambling diatribe, the crowd's response became hostile. In fact, most Gong Show losers don't get booed down half as badly as Arnette did.

If one of the possible reasons for the takeover attempt was to keep speakers from criticizing of County Supervisor Dan Davis, who Arnette has long supported, it failed. The meeting went on as scheduled, with the originally-planned speakers, with the exception of Davis, who did not show. Davis, his policies, and his proposals were repeatedly criticized by several of those attendees.

Council members Tim Callanan and Dennis Fish, scheduled by Schuster before Arnette's demands were issued, informed attendees that Davis' proposed raid of property tax rebate money was dead on arrival in County Council. They also criticized numerous upper-level vacancies among county government, high salaries being given to those hired under Davis, and the high costs associated with implementing the name change of the county Water and Sewer Authority.

One of the vistiors was Tim Scott, the conservative Republican Chairman of Charleston County Council, who pointed out to attendees that unlike Davis' plan, Charleston County Council intended to continue to keep its promise to dedicate 100% of the Local Option Sales Tax to property tax rebates.

Some of you may remember Tim Scott was one of the candidates in the recent race for appointment to state Treasurer, finishing in a tie with our own Earl Capps. Local talk is that he may be looking at waging a challenge to RINO House member Tom "Doc" Dantzler in the GOP primary. Should he run, he can expect an endorsement from the Blogland

We want to thank all of our readers who attended today in support of our constitutional freedoms of speech and assembly.

Witherspoon, 9th Circuit Solicitor candidates visit Berkeley GOP breakfast club

Today's meeting of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club was far more quiet than last month's meeting.

In spite of reports that Berkeley GOP Chairman Wade Arnette might come to apologize for his attempted takeover, as well as false allegations of financial mishandling by the breakfast club's chair, Arnette did not show up at the meeting. Other Arnette close allies who had been breakfast club regulars, including Wayland Moody, Bill Fennell and Bob Ashby, were not at the meeting.

Even without their presence, the turnout was one of the group's largest in years, with over 100 attendees turning out for a heapin' helping of grits, eggs, and political rhetoric.

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Buddy Witherspoon addressed the audience, calling the incumbent Republican Senator "too liberal for South Carolina".

Republican Solicitor candidates
Blair Jennings and Scarlett Wilson addressed the audience. Jennings discussed the record of the Berkeley County Solicitor's Office, where he reduced the backlog of cases to much lower than Charleston County, which Wilson managed before being appointed Solicitor by Governor Sanford.

Many of their answers to other questions produced little tension and considerable agreement between the candidates, including the handling of the "Mount Pleasant Ten" and the recent firing of an assistant solicitor accused with waving a gun at a motorists.

There was brief discussion from the three GOP candidates running for House District 117, being vacated by Rep. Thomas Dantzler - Bill Crosby, Tim Scott, and Wheeler Tillman, as well as long-time GOP activist Zonda Powell, who announced her candidacy for the Berkeley County School Board.

Schuster survives Berkeley County coup attempt


Efforts by Berkeley County Republican Party Chairman Wade Arnette to oust the leader of the Berkeley Republican Breakfast Club and take the group over failed utterly.

Arnette conceded to Schuster and his legal counsel before the meeting and the meeting proceeded as planned with Charles Schuster as moderator.

Details to follow later this afternoon.


February 2008: The Month in Review

Here in the Blogland, February 2008 will be remembered as the month we had order in the courtroom and feudin' over breakfast.

We congratulated our state's newest judges, including three who were endorsed by the Blogland, and then stood by fellow Republicans in Berkeley County who resisted an attempt by that county's Party chair to take the club over and muzzle his critics.

The Chairman in question later hinted at a libel lawsuit, complaining that the Blogland was "putting this out all over the state", once he found we were pumping out steady updates on the situation. But that's the amazing thing about new media - it can reach far and wide ... and fast too.

We'll be waiting to hear from his attorneys.

On February 5th, we celebrated turning 37 (and worked an 11 hour day), but for the Presidential candidates, it was Stupor Tuesday. John McCain got the best present anyone could have asked for that day - all but wrapping up his bid for the GOP Presidential nomination. All Obama and Hillary got to open that day was cans of whoop-ass - and they've been opening them up on each other ever since.

With Lent approaching, we talked a little religion and told the story of the Sunday of Orthodoxy, and our priest decided to speak up as well. But to be balanced, we had to give an old Rush album a plug as well.

As the month came to a close, it was off to Washington, D.C. for the annual National Association of Workforce Boards conference. We met Newt Gingrich there, and did a little bit of sightseeing as well.

State Representative Phil Shoopman decided to run for the Senate and Rep. Carl Gullick was our first endorsee of the 2008 election cycle.

All in all, it was a busy month. In fact, it was our busiest, as the first month with 40 postings. I guess we had a lot to say, but no matter what - if y'all weren't out there making the news, we wouldn't be here talking about it.

But now, let's talk about the most important people in the Blogland: OUR READERS.

Which postings got you talking the most?
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Which postings did you read the most?
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It's my birthday
10) Stupor Tuesday is over

... another interesting month gone by. Let's see how much fun March is gonna be around here!

Breakfast in Berkeley: Hundreds of people, dozens of candidates & straw polls too

Over 200 people turned out in Goose Creek for a standing-room only event at the May meeting of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club.

Even the disgraced former Chair, Wade Arnette, whose failed attempt to hijack the group two years ago rallied the group to new turnout records, was there.

Candidates from statewide races down to county offices were there a'plenty. By our count, about two dozen of them were on hand and spoke to the crowd. The event included a straw poll which polled the audience's support of candidates for major statewide and regional offices, as follows:

Reform and Respect the Breakfast choice for Berkeley County Republicans

There are lots of things to do on a Saturday morning in Berkeley County. For a few hundred people, the morning's to-do list included attending the Berkeley County GOP convention.

There were a few surprises today. The biggest was the announcement by Senator Grooms that he would be forming an exploratory committee for a potential gubernatorial bid.

The keynote speaker was Blogland favorite Comptroller General Richard "Top Gun" Eckstrom, who complimented Senator Grooms on his shoes, which Grooms claimed were made out of a Lake Moultrie alligator, and reminded Congressman Henry Brown there was a statewide burning ban in effect.

Mac McBride was elected to replace long-time state Executive Committee representative Wayland Moody by acclamation. Wayland's long record of service in what is often a thankless job is greatly appreciated and McBride has our best wishes for success.

The reform slate of officer candidates who were endorsed by the Blogland, won big. New Chair Tim Callanan stomped a crony of the outgoing Chair Wade Arnette with 74% of the vote and Cindy Clark was elected Vice-Chair by acclamation.

We appreciated the hospitality of the fine Republicans of Berkeley County, especially our readers who went out of their way to say hello to us. Thanks for tuning in!

Graduation party report

Moncks Corner, South Carolina, was ground zero for a good time today as the Blogland Graduation Party rocked and rolled the packed-to-the-walls Train Depot. Those of you who missed it ... missed a truly great time with great people.

But we're still trying to figure out who invited the riot squad.

While we were disappointed not to see big-time GOP leaders like Rick Beltram and Wade Arnette take time out of their busy schedules to join us, a lot of others did come - from work, academia, family, church ... and of course, plenty of politicos.

We were especially surprised, and appreciative, at the company of those who traveled from the Upstate to join us - longtime SCFRW leader LaDonna Ryggs and her husband Robert from Spartanburg County, our long-time friend Rep. Carl Gullick and GOP National Commmitteeman candidate Glenn McCall (who we support) from York County, and Dan Rushing of TELICS (not a politico-just a swell guy we've worked with a lot over the years on a professional basis).

We did receive an offer from the legendary FITSnews girls to do a strip show. We hated to do this, since we knew Moye was coming with great BBQ from three different counties (really Moye - THANKS!!!), but since there were kids there, we had to turn that one down. Darnit.

Fellow bloggers Mike Reino and Joshua Gross made it.
Mike's already sounded off on the event, and Joshua did one as well. The problem with bloggers is that you just can't keep a secret once guys like these show up.

Of course, the event wouldn't have gone down without mom, along with a few aunts and cousins.

The highlight of the event was clearly the roast. Indeed, we were roasted ... after years of dishing it out, an evening of taking it was ... well, better handled after downing a few beers. With Charles Schuster, the leader of the Berkeley County Republican Breakfast Club serving as emcee, it was full of non-stop laughs and some moments that I'll never forget. In a couple of days, we're going to share the video footage of the roast with our viewers, along with memorable quotes, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for all of you who showed up - and those who were invited but didn't show ... your loss.

Berkeley GOP leadership short on ... leadership?

On Saturday, when the Blogland went to Orangeburg to visit the 6th District Republican convention, we couldn't help but notice the glaring emptiness that was the section of seating for Berkeley County delegates.

Nancy Corbin eventually showed up, but nobody else did, leaving Berkeley County with virtually no voice at the convention. Which helps to explain why the 6th District officers, national convention delegates and alternate lists include names from almost every county in the 6th District ... except Berkeley County.

It's like they say - when you snooze, you lose.

With their current chairman, Wade Arnette, more interested in hijacking non-affiliated groups, threatening newspapers with libel suits, and making insulting and false accusations against his critics, than trying to get people involved in the Republican Party, we're not surprised at such poor turnout.

The appointment of the new First Vice-Chairman, Michelle Combs, whose most recent political leadership experience seems to have consisted of helping her jihadist mother pack the national Christian Coalition offices when they moved from Washington, D.C. to North Charleston, didn't seem to help things either.

Maybe they were busy helping their buddy Drew McKissick work on his new guide for Ethics in Politics?

We're not sure ... but what we are pretty sure that Wade's response to these questions will be to call more people to say bad things about us, and try to get us investigated (again). Perhaps if persecuting his enemies is so important, he should resign his chairmanship so he'll have more free time for his petty and vindictive witch hunts.

CORRECTION: Nancy reported that she arrived early. As she's someone we trust, we believe her. It's just too bad that other Berkeley Republicans didn't come along with her.