It hasn't happened yet

Just in time for the weekend, when y'all were thinking we were getting so serious and thoughtful, we decide it was time to give Mike Reino another load of Shat.

This time, a video of him performing "It Hasn't Happened Yet":

With videos like this, rest assured, it never will.

"Fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture"

Michelle Malkin reports on nationwide Tea Parties protesting efforts to squander our childrens' futures in Washington:

I’ve got tons of photos and e-mails pouring in from Tea Party people across the country. I joked to a Christian Science Monitor reporter covering the events that fiscal responsibility is the new counterculture. More coverage/photos/livestreaming at TCOT Report.

There is, as the old ’60s song goes, something happening here. And what it is, is very clear: A grass-roots revolt against the culture of entitlement. The spendzillas in Washington do not speak for us.

If this is, then this long-haired rock and roll Republican type is ready to fight the power.

SCGOP chair candidate to bring Rick Santelli to help SC economic policy?

As speculation continues to swirl over the potential candidacy of Earl Capps, well-known political blogger and raving mad lunatic, reports have surfaced that if elected, he will bring an outspoken expert in financial policy to help guide the Palmetto State's economic policies.

Rick Santelli's recent rant about mortgage bailouts was greeted by stock traders in Chicago and has since caught on like wildfire:

We're not ... conservative?

Recently's the Blogland was de-listed from SCHotline's list of featured blogs. We were told it was because we didn't post weekly. Shortly thereafter, two other very active sites went away when FITS was delisted and so was Wes Donehue.

When we heard this explanation, we were puzzled, especially when other blogs which were far less active remained i their roster.

But apparently, in SCHotlie's Truth, Version 2.0, it wasn't a question of which blogs were posting as much as they liked.

According to an explanation which was posted on the site today, it turned out that they are actually:

(R)eworking this portion of links that represent our conservative base...

This would seem to suggest that if we got kicked out, we must not be (at least by Hotlie's definition) conservative.

Ok, we know there are lots of blogs out there which represent a wide range of political opinions. But here in the Blogland, we've done rather un-liberal things like support school choice, challenge Barack Obama, praise judges who are tough on crime, question ineptitude in state government, criticize tax-and-spend educrats, endorse legislative roll call voting, called for reigning in the state's tax-and-spend mindset and support hunting down jihadists around the world.

... but in spite of all these position statements ... there are those out there who would say we're still not conservative?

Apparently, there's just not enough Kool-aid, vodka, or LSD to make some people happy.

Capps vetting pick for SCGOP Information Minister?

Reports have surfaced that Earl Capps, rumored to be pondering a bid for the SCGOP chairmanship, has already selected a candidate for the post of Information Minister for the state Republican Party. While the name of this individual is yet to be determined, inside sources suspect it may be someone who is about to defect from the camp of another SCGOP Chair candidate, or it may be one of two South Carolina bloggers - Mike Reino or Sic Willie.

We invite Blogland readers to watch the video of the person we suspect has been chosen by Capps for this role, and decide for yourself who this person may be:

This Saturday: Beaufort GOP Oyster Roast @ 1 PM

The Beaufort Area Republican Club presents

The Annual Bert Hines Memorial Oyster Roast

Day & Time: Saturday February 28, at 1:00 PM

Place: The Oyster Shack in rear of Port Royal Park,
the corner of Paris Ave. & 4th St., Port Royal, S.C.
Price: $20.00 Adults $5.00 Children

All Beaufort County Republicans are invited to come and enjoy all you can eat of Charles Gay's famous steamed oysters and fixings.

With the cold weather we are having, the oysters will be GREAT!

We will also have fried chicken for the non-oyster eaters. Please bring your folding chairs, your oyster knife and a dessert to share if you can.

Please email or call for reservations now! You can pay at the door, but we need to know how many oysters to order. To make reservations please email Jim Dickson at or call 843-838-3189

Sue Kirsh, wife of Rep. Herb Kirsh, RIP

Last night, Sue Kirsh, wife of York County Representative Herb Kirsh, died after nearly sixty years of marriage with Rep. Kirsh. A New York native, she came here in 1950.

Many saw her frequently at the State House, often coming along with her husband when the General Assembly was in session. Over the years, she gave many from York County and around the state tours of the State House, obviously proud of her husband and his work as a legislator.

She'll be missed at the State House, back in York County, and by many others whose lives she has touched. As someone who has spent a little bit of time in Clover, it can be a little hard to imagine how someone from New York City could end up spending their life there, but we're certainly glad she did.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family, as well as our appreciation for her hospitality, her loyalty to her husband, and her service to the people of York County and South Carolina.

Capps to declare for SCGOP Chair?

Recently, speculation has arisen that Earl Capps, publisher and head nutjob of the Blogland, may be entering the heated race for SCGOP Chair.

Capps, well-known as a political blogger who also delves into subjects related to Eastern Christian theology, human resources management and 80s heavy metal on his blog, gained a modest statewide following during his short-lived bid for State Treasurer.

According to Voting Under The Influence:

Capps is a longtime GOP activist and blogger known for his Reaganism, his rum and his rock and roll. Those wishing to bring back the 1980s seem willing to flock to Capps in his bid.

A confidential inside source told VUI that Earl Capps has already created the "Capps Plan," to counter his opponents. In the Capps plan, Earl Capps promises his first act as Chairman will be to expel from the SC GOP Lindsey Graham, Bobby Harrell and Mark Sanford. Then, Capps will ban Howard Rich or anyone who gets money from Rich from the headquarters. There is even a list of consultants out there, that the source would not reveal, that Capps is planning to make pee in a cup before they can make public statements about the Republican Party.

As Chairman, Capps supposedly promises to bring a Ted Nugent approach to conservatism. "Their will be some serious no nonsense political ass kicking, good ole rock and roll, middle aged women screaming and some passing out, and beer flowing," The source said.

Having reported on these rumors, we'll now put the question to our readers - should he run for the chairmanship?

Updated links

I just updated a lot of the website and blog links in the links menus on the right side of the page. A few were dropped, but a lot more were added. If you're looking for some cool reading, go check 'em out.

If you're a regular Blogland reader and think I missed something, let me know.

Representative Erickson takes on state government fee increases

It's no secret that the answer to tough budget times is often found in practicing the not-so-fine art of "revenue enhancement". For small towns, the solution can mean making the cops write a flurry of traffic tickets, but for others, the gap is often closed by seeking to raise fees for everything a governmental agency does.

Representative Shannon Erickson thinks that practice is just plain wrong, and so do we. Her concerns were voiced via one of her grassroots constituent emails which she sent earlier this week:

Last week, the State Fire Marshal’s office submitted new regs with added fees & when Philip Lowe & I asked them to reconsider that, they immediately withdrew the fee increases. Very graciously, I might add!

Unfortunately, DHEC has several reg bills coming before committees that have fee/fine increases in them. Even with opposition voiced by businesses it affects, the agency has decided to move forward on the increases.

This just another way to tax the business sector of our state. You can call it what you want, but right now the business community simply cannot afford ANY raise in fees/taxes/etc.

One of the reasons we're impressed with Erickson is because she doesn't just gripe about problems - she takes action. She's sponsored legislation (House Bill 3576) which would require that:

... no state agency, department, or entity by regulation or otherwise may administratively increase or implement a fee for performing a service or function, or a civil penalty or fine for failure to comply with a requirement or provision of law under its jurisdiction without the specific approval of the increased or new fee, fine, or penalty by the General Assembly by concurrent resolution.

The Blogland is glad to endorse Erickson's legislation, and are pleased at the bi-partisan team of legislatiors who've already signed on to support this measure:

Brantley, Ballentine, Huggins, Bowen, Duncan, Vick, Chalk, Bedingfield, Nanney, Merrill, Haley, Toole, Allison, Anthony, Bannister, Bingham, Forrester, Hamilton, Hardwick, Hearn, Herbkersman, Horne, Limehouse, Long, Millwood, Owens, Parker, Parks, E.H. Pitts, M.A. Pitts, Rice, Sandifer, G.R. Smith, Sottile, Spires, Stringer, Umphlett, Viers, White, Whitmire, Wylie and A.D. Young.

Legislators who are concerned about the impact of the cost of government upon individuals and businesses in these tough times need to get behind this bill and get it passed into law.

FITS gets de-listed, and so did we

Saturday, we got several calls and emails letting us know that the Blogland was de-listed from SCHotline's blogroll. We checked it out and found out that our readers were right - as they usually are.

Sources told us that Jeff Sewell, who runs SCHotline these days, said his advertisers were complaining that his listed blogs weren't posting on a daily basis, and that we were one of those slow-posting sites. We'd invite you to look at some of the other blogs to see if they meet this standard - and then we'd invite you to look on the sidebar of the Blogland and look at the number of postings each month, which typically exceed the number of days in any given month.

After you take a look, we'll let you reach your own conclusions about what he did, and why. But it's his site, so it's his right to do what he wants and he doesn't owe anyone an explanation, so we're not going to worry about it.

Since our traffic hasn't been adversely impacted by the delisting, no harm was done, so we're not gonna take it personally.

Today, Sic Willie, the Mack Daddy of the SC political blogosphere, reported that FITSNews was also delisted from Hotline, which Sic suspected had something to do with Jeff being voted the winner of FITSNews' recent "Slow Zebra" contest.

To which we say "nobody's perfect". We're sure that after two divorces, the name Earl Capps would top the list of "last person to set your sister or mother up with a date" - and for good reason. But we wouldn't take it personally.

On social networking "friends"

A while back I was turned on to Meryl Runion's "Speak Strong" email newsletter, which discusses "power phrases" - words and phrases which can help motivate, connect and inspire others, as well as "poison phrases" - words and phrases which can turn people off or create hurt feelings, often unintentionally.

This week's email makes an interesting point about how social networking sites have transformed the meaning of the word "friends":

When I accept requests on a social networking site, often from people I don't know, they tell me,

- Congratulations. You have three new friends.

Really? Will they check on me when I'm going through challenges, celebrate my wins with me and share their deepest secrets?

Social networking "friends" cheapen the word, and sugest that all there is to friendship is to agree to be in each other's network.

We don't talk highway policies here

Long-time readers may recall postings that have made it clear that due to conflicts of interest, discussion of highway policy will not be permitted on this blog*. Anything you read on this blog - from politics to heavy metal to religion, as well as anything else - will reflect the free and unbiased thoughts of yours truly.

Other blogs have been accused of shilling for clients and that's not something the Blogland will be accused of. You shouldn't have to wonder if something you read here has been, in effect, a paid political message, nor should I have to be drug into a discussion that may affect my ability to support my family and keep a roof over my head.

Some of you will understand this, which I appreciate. Those of you who don't understand - too bad. You probably don't have real jobs anyway, so go back to drinking the kool-aid of left or right-wing varieties.

* SCDOT disclaimer (1/31/07), Conflicts of interest? (3/4/08)


Big payoff for former Ports Authority director

We weren't surprised that former SC Ports Authority director resigned under fire after collecting huge bonuses while the ports authority continued to bleed shipping volume, but this little bit of news is the icing on the whole rotten cake:

Former ports chief Bernard Groseclose will receive $132,000 in severance pay and up to $4,000 for health insurance under the terms of a separation agreement he signed Friday.

He will also get a free trip overseas to attend a business conference.

Groseclose’s employment agreement, signed Dec. 30, 1998, calls for him to receive a severance payment of half of his annual base pay upon his resignation. He was making about $264,000.

Groseclose will receive the first $66,000 of his severance pay on Wednesday, the day he officially resigns, as spelled out in the separation agreement. The remaining $66,000 will be paid to him in installments of $13,200 on the first day of each month between April and August.

Let's review the facts - he fails miserably, he quits before he gets fired and gets rewarded with a great vacation and a severance package that is worth what several South Carolinians combined would earn. Most people who quit most jobs under such circumstances are lucky to get enough time to pack their stuff and a neutral employment reference.

If anyone has a logical explanation for this, we'd love to hear it.

Mike's "Blueprint" for GOP success

A major concern about the GOP's recent awakening to it's failure to keep up in the technology race with the Democrats is that they will think high-tech itself is the answer. It's important to recognize that the mastery of the electronic domain was simply a means to an end for Democrats, who used the netroots to build an intricate web which allowed them to project messages, raise funds and mobilize activists.

Simply put, the Democrats used a high-tech approach to enhance a traditionally low-tech organizing principle. One that Republicans would be wise to properly understand and adapt the successful approaches to their own support bases.

From down on Hilton Head, Mike's America has some excellent observations about how this can take place:

In 2006 we lost the House and Senate and we sat by in 2008 and watched again as the largest well funded political juggernaut of the 21st century swept away decades of GOP grass roots development. Are we prepared now to meet that challenge or will we fall back on the business as usual strategies which may have worked 20 years ago but failed utterly in the last two elections?

I'd like to think we have learned our lesson and I am encouraged by new GOP Chairman Michael Steele's efforts to invite new ideas for reaching voters and widening their participation; especially through the use of the same new media that Obama and friends used so effectively.

The Reagan revolution was fueled by new technology in direct mail fundraising. Patrick Ruffini, a leader in GOP new media, points out that in many ways, state and local campaign consultants are still doing business with that 20 year old method because they have built lucrative businesses based on commissions from offering those campaign methods.

Patrick goes on to suggest that a 21st Century plan with the simple goal of assembling 5,000 online activisits per targeted congressional district would create a foundation for eventual GOP takeover of the U.S. House. A similar plan could be used for targeted senate races.