Murrell Smith is how old?

You should find him and ask him that question, since today is his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Murrell!

Frank Horne

The Blogland asks our readers to take a moment to reach out to the family of Dorchester County State Representative Jenny Horne to give their condolences and appreciation for Horne's father-in-law Franklin D. "Frank" Horne, who died earlier today.

Frank Horne was retired Chief Master Sergeant, USAF, with a long record of service to country, community and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Horne family and we hope yours will be as well.

A funeral service will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at Bethany United Methodist Church, Spell Chapel, 118 W. 3rd South Street, Summerville. Burial will follow at Dorchester Memory Gardens, 11000 Dorchester Road, Summerville.

Mick Mulvaney to help lead YouCut II effort

Last year, the House Republicans launched their “YouCut” initiative, encouraging the public to help identify where budget cuts can be made. In keeping with promises to keep reining in the budget, House Republicans are continuing this effort and have asked Congressman Mick Mulvaney to help lead YouCut II.

Each week that the House is in session, the YouCut community will be asked by the House GOP leadership to vote on three spending reduction proposals for introduction in the House with the winning YouCut proposal introduced by the designated Member, with the support of the Majority Leader’s office, which will work to champion the YouCut bills and move them through either in the form of free-standing bills, amendments, or provisions in larger bills. Visitors can then track the legislative progress of the YouCut proposals by visiting the YouCut site.

Mulvaney sees this as a way to help better engage concerned citizens who have ideas on how to control spending by Congress:

Legislative child labor violations focus on State House freshman

We thought this photo of York County Rep. Tommy Pope and his son Preston was pretty cool.

Lowcountry legislator accused of child labor violations

Not really, but we thought this was a great photo of Dorchester County State Rep. Chris Murphy with his son Jackson on the House floor.

H.3035: Flexible calendar options for school districts

South Carolina is a diverse collection of communities with different needs and challenges. Managing public education across the state will likewise require different approaches, including with regard to scheduling school times.

Toward that end, Beaufort Representative Shannon Erickson has sponsored legislation to allow school districts to opt to adjust their calendars to more or less than 180 calendar days, as long as the equivalent number of instructional hours are met. This bill - H.3035 - passed the House and is now over in the Senate's Education Committee awaiting further action.

Flex time is a common practice in the workplace, allowing employers to better adjust to workload or unique local situations, such as traffic patterns. We don't see why South Carolina schools, often behind the rest of the country in management practices, can't adopt similar approaches.

Erickson's bill make sense. As such, it deserves the support of the Senate.

Mark your Calendar: Mick Mulvaney on the road, 5/17 & 5/19

Fifth District Congressman Mick Mulvaney is hitting the road again with more Town Hall meetings, so be sure to mark your calendar and go catch one of the rising stars of the Congressional freshman class.

Tuesday, May 17th: Cherokee Town Hall – 6:30pm
Broad River Electric Auditorium
811 Hamrick Street, Gaffney, SC

Thursday, May 19th: Chesterfield Town Hall – 6:30pm
Chesterfield High School Cafeteria
401 North Page Street Chesterfield, SC

Walton Cartoon: Obama the ... hero?

S.C. Business One-Stop marks six years


Before hitting the road on Friday, the Blogland joined Secretary of State Mark Hammond in celebrating the sixth anniversary of SCBOS – the S.C. Business One Stop website ( – a venture which was started to allow businesses to file corporate documents with the Secretary of State’s office and has grown into a much larger resource for state businesses.

Also on hand were Governor Nikki Haley, who praised the website for being part of making South Carolina a more business-friendly state, and John Finan, the Director of the Department of Employment and Workforce (SCDEW). Haley praised the website as part of the state's mission of being more business friendly:

This means for every business in the state is go make your money, government is not going to get in the way. We are saving you time saving you money.

The website has become an attractive alternative for business filings, with the SCDOR reporting that SCBOS has saved businesses approximately $5.5 million in operating costs by relieving the burden of paper filing. According to Hammond, twenty percent of all incorporations are now filed online via the SCBOS website.

CHANGE your calendar: Mike Rose event rescheduled

The event for Senator Mike Rose has been changed to Tuesday, May 24.

If you can make it, you should.

Vista Room at the Blue Marlin
1200 Lincoln Street
5:30-7:00 p.m.

Not at the convention

When forced to choose between attending the SCGOP convention and attending a wedding this weekend, the wedding won.

Of course, we decided to try to have some fun along the way.

Yes, the shirt says "Broke".

Harpootlian to kick off college outreach and money-saving program

Dick Harpootlian, the new Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, will begin efforts to reach out to the state's younger voters at its many colleges, offering them ways to improve their social life and save money.

The message: "You shouldn't have to buy beer. Just rent it for the day."

Reportedly several college fraternities have contacted Harpootlian to discuss the details of this new program.

Clemmons buzz building for the new 7th district seat?

We've heard a few names of potential candidates, but thus far, most of the buzz has centered around Myrtle Beach State Rep Alan "Ferris Bueller" Clemmons.

Right now, I'm enjoying representing Horry County in the Nation's Capitol. But I couldn't think of anyone better to represent a congressional district if it came to the Grand Strand other than Alan Clemmons.

Given the size of the district, especially the egos and cash floating around the Grand Strand, it's hard to imagine this seat won't see a large fielding of candidates. If you've got names, news, or insights, be sure to drop an email to

Today is their day

Mark your calendar - this Saturday: Honor Flight Lowcountry

Mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday, May 7th for the heart-warming “Welcome Home” of the fourth Honor Flight Lowcountry.

Approximately 100 local WWII veterans, along with their guardians, will return to Charleston International Airport about 7 pm that evening and the “more the merrier” as they are welcomed back from their long day in Washington, DC.

With past Honor Flight homecomings, the ever-faithful Patriot Guard Riders have made appearances as have Citadel cadets, active-duty military, JROTC groups and masses of flag- waving, sign-carrying, grateful, civilians. Please be there to welcome them back from their trip.

Honor Flight Lowcountry’s goal is to ensure that all area World War II veterans get a chance to visit the memorial dedicated to them and their fallen comrades. Please visit their support information page to see how YOU can support their mission of honoring these honored heroes. Or you can call (843) 906-0399.

Harpootlian to attack Wheel of Fortune?

Sources have informed the Blogland that newly-elected S.C. Democratic Party Chair Dick Harpootlian has begun formulating plans for a high profile political attack against the Wheel of Fortune, well-known for starring Vanna White, a Horry County native.

Reportedly the Dark Lord of Democratic politics will his begin by going after a well-known American institution - the Wheel of Fortune game show - over it's restrictive policies, which force contestants to buy letters.

We've been told that his equity plan will demand the game show allow contestants to simply rent the letters for the day, using his long-time approach to South Carolina politics, where Harpootlian is well known for saying: “I don’t want to buy the black vote. I just want to rent it for a day.”

The details of the plan are sure to leak out. When they do, we'll keep you posted.