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DeMint Labor Day event brings Romney to Columbia

While Tim Scott is hosting Rick Perry in Myrtle Beach, word on the grapevine is reporting that Senator Jim DeMint's forum in Columbia has landed its first major candidate.

Romney, who has consistently been showing decent support in polling in SC and elsehwere for the GOP Presidential nomination, will participate in DeMint's event. Other candidates and prospective candidates who have 5% or higher on the 2012 Republican Presidential RCP Average were also invited to attend.

The event, sponsored by American Principles Project and organized with the help of First Tuesday Strategies (a consulting firm linked to both DeMint and Romney), will be held on September 5 forum at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Given the connection, it's not surprising to hear that Romney is coming.

Candidates will be on stage one at a time to field questions from DeMint, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, and American Principles Project founder Robert P. George.

Tim Scott bringing Rick Perry to Myrtle Beach, Sept. 5th

While the location has yet to be determined, it is certain that First District Congressman Tim Scott will be bringing GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry to Myrtle Beach on Labor Day - September 5th. This is the third in Scott's ongoing Town Hall series, which brings 2012 GOP Presidential candidates to South Carolina for a discussion with grassroots voters.

The Town Hall will begin at 10 am ET and will last for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Doors will open at 9 am, with seating on a first-come, first-served basis. This is the third candidate to participate in Rep. Tim Scott’s "First in the South" Presidential Town Hall Series

You can get more info about these events by visiting

These events are a partnership between Scott and regional GOP and conservative groups: Berkeley County GOP, the Beaufort County GOP, the Carolina Patriots, the Charleston County Republican Party, the Charleston Tea Party, the Dorchester County Republican Party, the Georgetown County Republican Party, the Georgetown Patriots, the Goose Creek 9/12, the Horry County Republican Party, the Mount Pleasant 9/12, the Myrtle Beach Tea Party, and the Summerville 9/12.

Monday night with the Orangeburg GOP

Orangeburg Republicans gathered at the Cox Farm near Orangeburg for BBQ and politics at a picnic rally which was the most heavily-attended GOP event in the county in many years - and the Blogland was there.

Current and retired military veterans
lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Headlined by Senator Jim DeMint, who hosted a private reception prior to the rally, was joined by statewide officeholders Alan Wilson, Mick Zais, Mark Hammond and Hugh Weathers. Also making appearances were former SCGOP Chair Katon Dawson, now a major Republican fundraising operative stumping for Presidential candidate Rick Perry, current SCGOP Chair Chad Connelly, Beaufort State Senator Tom Davis and former Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor, who led the color guard for the occasion.

Emceeing the event was the Jim Ulmer, the county GOP Chair.

In addition to great stump speeches, the backroom chatter about next year's statewide and even local candidacies made for great discussion. We certainly appreciated the hospitality of the Orangeburg Republicans. If you missed this event, you definitely don't want to miss it next year!

Michele Bachmann's dirty little pork barrel secret

GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has spent much of her five years in Congress (just one year more than Obama served in the Senate) marketing herself as the hero of the tea party crowd, touting herself as a strict fiscal conservative.

There's no doubt that the image she has crafted sells, but it's not one which is consistent with her record back home.

Fighting the "Florence Fix"

Growing questions about plans by Florence County Council to hire the current Council Chair Rusty Smith as County Administrator seem to be slowing down plans to fast-track a backroom deal. While it seemed as if the fix was in for a quick insider deal as early as last week, sources indicated plans to hire Smith were put on hold due to growing scrunity by local citizens.

The Florence Morning News joined those asking questions about the pending backroom deal when its editorial staff published an op-ed calling for much-needed transparency into the process for selecting a new administrator:

(I)n this very special situation, county council needs to make its selection process a wide-open affair that’s as transparent as a windshield on the done side of a car wash. They ought to do that anyway, in our opinion, but the slight odor of something awry emanating from the halls of power over this affair makes it an imperative. If people are saying the fix is in, then it’s a public servant’s job to do everything in his power to show them it’s not.

Municipal governments in South Carolina are required to maintain a certain amount of transparency when hiring a top executive. The state’s open records law requires them to make public the applications and other materials associated with “no fewer than three” candidates who are seriously considered.

We think they ought to go further in this case, and have asked county officials do so. We’d like to take a look, and have the public take a look, at all the resumes received for the job. There are supposedly close to 100, but we’d think it would be worth the time to look, just so we’d know how many really qualified candidates there are and to understand what choices council had before they do or do not select Smith.

We couldn't agree more. The current administrator will be on the job until November. While it's important to have someone on the job in enough time to ease the transition, that's no excuse to fast-track an insider deal without transparency and fairness for both taxpayers and applicants alike.

We'll be sure to keep you posted.

Florence County: Back-room politics update

On Thursday, Florence County Council is expected to meet behind closed doors to do what politicians often do behind closed doors - do things they don't want you to see them doing. Like giving one of their own a free ride to become the next County Administrator, which we first reported earlier this month.

This is nothing new in Florence, where using the powers of your office to look out for your buddies is an accepted practice among officeholders - as well as fact that the voters to choose to elect and re-elect them. So maybe they're really ok with this taking place?

One former member of County Council questioned this pending insider deal and accused Smith of using his position on Council to benefit himself. In a letter to local news media, he asked Florence County residents to:
(A)sk your council member (and Rusty Smith):

1. How did Smith get the road to his home changed to a county-maintained road from a privately maintained road?

2. How did Smith get the county to keep his property taxes below that of comparable properties nearby?

3. How did Smith buy property in a county industrial park considerably below market value? Wasn’t the classification of the property in the park set for manufacturing, not retail? Also, how much park work benefitting Smith was performed while Smith was a councilman?

Mark your calendar: Sept. 5 - Charleston GOP Labor Day picnic

Charleston County Republicans are having a Labor Day picnic that you don't want to miss. Last year's event was a great one.

The event starts at 10:00 AM, and it's located at 1155 Eaglewood Trail on James Island, which is off Ft. Johnson Road near James Island High School.

In addition to the usual cast of GOP politicos and candidates who attend, they'll also feature conservative political comedian Eric Golub.

Mark your calendar: Aug. 29, Orangeburg - Joe Wilson & Jim DeMint picnic and reception

On Monday, August 29, 2011, Senator Jim DeMint and Second District Congressman Joe Wilson will be visiting with Orangeburg Republicans for a evening fundraiser and GOP rally:

Cox Farm
Deer Crossing Road, which is off U.S. 178 just west of Orangeburg

4:30 - 5:15 pm Private Reception with US Senator Jim DeMint and Congressman Joe Wilson

5:00 - 7:00 pm Picnic and Tea Party

Tickets for the picnic are $25 and sponsorships with admission to the private reception are as follows:

Lindsey Graham Town Hall tour hits North Charleston

In spite of a stormy night in North Charleston, a full house crowd gathered at North Charleston City Hall for a Town Hall meeting with Senator Lindsey Graham.

The crowd was clearly partisan, with many Republican Party and Tea Party activists from across the Lowcountry in attendance. When Senator Graham asked for show of hands for any Democrats, none were raised, then he charged into a 90 minute question and answer open-mike session with the audience.

The first focus on Graham’s discussion focused on fiscal issues. He warned that the Super Committee’s failure to meet its charge of identifying items to cut would result in across-the-board cuts which would threaten national security. He cautioned that his top priority is to protect defense funding: “you start with the Defense Department. That’s our primary goal“.

Mark your calendar: Aug. 25, North Charleston - Tim Scott town hall featuring Michele Bachmann

In the second of an ongoing series of Meet-The-Candidate town hall forums for Presidential candidates, First District Congressman Tim Scott will bring GOP Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann to North Charleston. The event will be held on August 25 at 7 pm at Trident Technical College in North Charleston.
I am excited to introduce my colleague Michele Bachmann to the voters of South Carolina, and I know she will find a deep base of support in our state. The town hall series is an opportunity for voters to ask candidates the questions that are important to them, and in the process, to determine which candidate is best qualified to be our Republican nominee and our next President.

Trident Technical College is located at 7000 Rivers Avenue (U.S. Route 52-78) in North Charleston.

The Tribes of Palmetto State GOP Politics

While I've tended to play free-agent, I've worked with all three of them over the years and (usually) enjoyed doing so.

For years, if you wanted to run for office in this GOP-dominated state, you had to visit one of the three chiefs — Richard Quinn, Rod Shealy or Warren Tompkins — whose Midlands-based political tribes regularly warred against each other, running competing Republican candidates. But just as the 2010 election saw a host of new faces — four new congressmen plus a new governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and treasurer — it also saw the rise of the next crop of GOP political consultants who are challenging the dominance of the onetime “Big 3.”

The tribal nature of S.C. Republican politics still exists, and it probably always will.

But the tribes are evolving.

Mark your calendar: This Wednesday, Pro-Israel rally, Columbia

State Representative Alan Clemmons is leading the Glenn Beck Restoring Courage Satellite-based Rally in support of Israel this Wednesday at the State House in Columbia from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This event will be followed by others around the state later in the day.

This event will include conversations between the South Carolina rally participants and Glenn Beck in Israel from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM with a live broadcast of the Restoring Courage Rally in Israel from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a chair, some sun block and your support for Israel. We want to show the world that South Carolina stands with Israel!

If you have any questions, please email

Ghosts of 1968 & 1980 to haunt Obama re-election?

It’s easy to see why news of a potential Democratic primary challenge to President Obama should both concern Democrats and delight Republicans. History shows that those who are forced to fight for their party’s base are often doomed to one-term presidencies.

In the last fifty years, the four Presidents who faced strong primary opposition did not return to the White House the following year: Johnson (1968), Ford (1976), Carter (1980), and Bush (1992) while those who didn’t face primary challenges often won big: Johnson (1964), Reagan (1984) and Clinton (1996).

A President who has to campaign for re-election in the primary has to spend time and money trying to sell themselves to their base while neglecting the political center and moving away from the center to placate those voters, giving the challenger’s strategists valuable ammunition to use to sway more moderate swing voters in the fall.

Visiting the Summerville 912ers

The Blogland wants to thank the friendly folks with the Summerville912 group for their hospitality last night.

Senator Tom Davis was the evening speaker, chatting about his agenda in the Senate and sharing views on current legislative issues.

Obama's vacation and "unconscionable ineptitude"

As Wall Street sinks and resolving the budget impasse which set it off remains a vague work-in-progress, President Obama seems hell bent on doing something decisive.

Come hell or high water, the man who criticized President Bush's “unconscionable ineptitude” for not cancelling his vacation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (ironically Lousiana residents say Bush did better with Katrina than Obama did with the oil spill) is ... well, he's going on a ten-day vacation - and nobody can stop him!

It's interesting to note that earlier this month, British Prime Minister David Cameron canceled his vacation to return to handle riots in London. But while America's economy is burning, Obama is going on vacation.